Thursday, June 14

Scary Footwear Alert!

Don’t make a visit to a UK hospital or a pair of these may happen to you!

I put this blog and other online activities on hold lately in order to spend more time in the real world – yesterday the real world bit back and I found myself the A&E department wearing terrible footwear.

What have I been up to? – this year I have been in thrall to acid and ink and rubbing and rolling and all the things associated with the art of making an impression in the printmaking studio.

Printing presses are tanklike heavy and yesterday I felt the full weight of a metal press bed as it slid off it’s tracks and hit my foot on it’s way to the floor.

You know how when you trap a finger or bang your head on the doorway there’s a loud crack, a yelp, hot cursing but no real damage?

This event had the silence of something very serious, the impact knocked all feeling out of me, I stared at my boot and then slowly took it off, wondering dreamily if blood would gush and loose toes roll around on the floor.

By some miracle that bed bounced between my bones, I'm not crippled but do I need to rest up for a couple of days, so I’m confined to the sofa and a chance to catch up with the online world.
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