Friday, September 30

Service Will Resume Shortly

Miss Whiplash drew up a schedule with lists and addenda of all the things that needed to be done by the end of today.

Tomorrow I shall sleep for a few days and then I'll go to Portugal to eat and have fun, I'll probably have something to say about that here.

Tuesday, September 13

Education These Days

A lot of people like the idea of 'working in television' but have no idea what that means, sometimes I get a glimpse into what is supposed happens in a production office, the letter below* arrived this morning and has managed to simultaneously brighten and depress my mood.

Hello, My name is xxxx xxxxxxx and i was wondering if there was any work experience available for producing? I am 15 years old and currently study at xxxxxxx (fancy school). I live in xxxxxx near xxxxxx (fancy area) and would be very grateful for any more information you have on work experience! I have skill such as:

Horse riding (hobby intermediate level)
Ballet (grade 7 and pointe)
Tap (grade 6)
Sailing (level 4 RYA)
Violin ( grade 5)
Piano (grade 8)
Running (hobby)
Drama (xxxxx School)
I have also done work experience with xxxxxxx productions so I know what I'm doing with the camera!

Thank you very much for your time! xxxxxx.

*The entire application is faithfully reproduced here, the only additions are the x's and the bracketed notes

Wednesday, September 7

Sun Exposure Will Harden Pants

Finding jeans to fit me has got more difficult, this is possibly due to my recent obsession with cephalopods resulting in my becoming part squid.

Surfing the net to see if there were any sexy 8-legged jeans, I came across some instructions from True Religion about how to care for TR jeans*.

1. Wash true religion jeans jeans when the first salt water (brine concentrated more) wash will not fade over time; wash jeans as much as possible without detergent, detergent will speed up the fade.

2. Please do not use hot water soaked pants, and that there will be a large degree of shrinkage phenomenon, the general temperature of 30 degrees can be. If possible, please do not use a washing machine to wash jeans, pants fold that would undermine the sense of touch of the original color pants, and that the body's natural wear white pants have become unnatural. Do not iron, to maintain the natural pants.

3. pair of jeans is best not to prolonged sun exposure, sun exposure will harden pants, dry pants on the pants to keep your great help. Dry clothes, the pants over and avoid the sun fade when your pants.

4. wash when we must remember to turn over inside the washing, can reduce fading. If the jeans are not dirty with oil or other special circumstances, the minimize liquid detergent (neutral) the amount (try not to use detergent, alkaline detergent is easy to make jeans fade), or even water to wash.

5. from the health point of view, of course, every day, wash pants. If you do not wash dirty with dust and bacteria under blisters like without detergent.

*this becomes even more amusing to English people because for us pants are underwear.
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