Sunday, January 30

Be Careful What You Wish For

Within mere days of my last post I became awash with chairage; I snapped up a perfectly decent set of 4 dining chairs to tide me over ... then I walked past a charity shop and saw another set of 4, quite different to the first set, but strangely interesting, so I bought them. All 8 chairs needed new seat covers and this has been my weekend project.

Yesterday I won an ebay auction for some chairs that I loved but thought I couldn't afford, another set of 4 and quite different from any of the others, but I really, really like them. I have just driven for two hours to go and collect them, the man selling them mentioned that he has another 24 just like them ... next week I will open my chair shop.

Meanwhile the production office has been overwhelmed; the Costa Rica cable-riggers didn't manage to get the cable-rigged before they had to go and work elsewhere, another crew had to be scrambled to go out to Costa Rica and finish the job so it is all set up ready for the actual filming to start in a month's time.

We have a new Hot Girl in the office (Miss Whiplash already presides over two less new Hot Girls). The Hot Girls sort out the emergencies and organise all the trips.

The newest Hot Girl prepared a care package for the latest Costa Rican Cable Rigging Cowboys it contains:


and a Tic Lasso

Sunday, January 16

Through The Rabbit Hole Mirror Thingy

Previous posts might have hinted at the fact that I have got two not-quite-sorted out properties on my hands; The new business premises is busy and needs more desk space to accommodate the assorted Spanish newsreaders and World-of Warcraft players that are drifting through our doors. Meanwhile my home is barren, if I would like to evolve from picnic-style to normal-people-style-eating, I will need things like a dining table and chairs.

There are two vital factors at play here; cash flow and ... cash flow

I am scouring Ebay, Gumtree and any other preloved-items sites to meet our needs.

I need chairs, I type 'dining chairs' into the search engine. The three top items that correspond to my search for my local area appear:

8 year old black and white spade female cat in need of rehoming as she is being constantly attacked by a stray cat which has recently moved into the area. She is completely housetrained, timid... read more


As new, bought in 2010 but never played with. No box. All balconies/entrance intact. Extras include half an asda bag of accessories. More or less full kitchen, hotel reception and odd furniture...

I have no idea what is a meant by 'Happyland Church' or a ' Sylvanian Families etc.' I feel alienated by modern culture (but I do like 'odd furniture') plus I am worried about the spade cat who is getting racial discrimination. I forget that I am looking for chairs.

Thursday, January 6

Groping Around

I’ve never been keen on winter it does horrors for my skin, my fingers are all cracked and sore and my lips are dessicated. At home the heating system is in decline and is currently not really working so I’m spending more time than is healthy at the office which is still sweltering.

Our new office premises aren’t quite resolved yet. The lights I installed in the production office actually seem to make the room darker, by mid-afternoon with all lights apparently on we need to strap on a head torch to find our way to the filing shelves. There is also an ongoing game of musical chairs, desks and computers as we try and work out where we are all going to fit and who’s best to sit next to.

It's quite crowded at the moment, the whole crew is here and we have an additional Spanish translating lady in for a few weeks, one of the many issues to work out is how to get a rigging team to Costa Rica with a set of crossbows without raising security alarms*

*the reason for weapons will be explained in more detail over here

Saturday, January 1


Last week my love gave me a splendid cardigan
But he felt that the splendiferousness of the cardigan merited better buttons - he sliced up a piece of box wood.

It is the best present I have ever received.
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