Tuesday, July 24

Cheesy Bison Cakes

Minced Bison
20 kilos of Gruyére
2 kilos of salted cod
Pink biscuits from Reims
3 kilos smoked sausage
1 kilo 'good quality flower'
'30 graines de djansan'

Some of the items still on my shopping list. I'm having problems with that last one which is for a Cameroonian dish called Poulet Directeur Général - please let me know if you know what this spice might be.

This, of course, is all in aid of the annual gourmetfest or 'Taste the World', part of the WOMAD festival and I shall be reporting back on it next week.

Meanwhile I have fallen in love with these boys, they live in Switzerland where they have a chili farm and will be making a chili fondue with me on Friday.

Sunday, July 15

Pat-a-cake, Pat-a-cake Baker's Man

I am off do another batch of cooking work soon. In order to hone my skills I recently visited a Master Baker for some expert tuition in the art of cake decoration. I have carefully noted the key requirements of tasteful decoration and will be applying them to my next job.

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