Thursday, October 28


At home I have plugged in a dehumidifier – I watch transfixed as the machine sucks gallons of water out of the walls.

The new office has been renamed the inferno, we believe that the coven of dragons living the dungeons are being tormented by stiletto-wearing lesbians. We are all working in our bikinis, except Miss Whiplash who wears no more than a fun fur merkin.


  1. Who are these race of stiletto-wearing lesbians?

    I've only seen them wearing Birkenstocks and Crocs.

  2.'s the tribe of lipstick lesbians.

    so many questions re the new office, but i can wait. xooxox

  3. I can hardly wait to hear what Casual Day is like there!

    Oh Hai MJ & Savannah!

  4. Ya know, if you install vid cameras in the dungeons and in the your office area ... then do a live internet feed ... lots of money can be made. Plus there's knowing you'd be satisfying a whole bunch of people.

  5. Can I come along and help you all work in your bikinis please? I'm an equal opportunity kind of guy so I include lesbians (with or without stillettos) and Miss Whiplash in that question.
    By the way, you make Bangkok seem decidedly tame.

    Have a nice day watching that wall sucker, from Boonie

  6. It must really take the pressure off to have a prescribed office uniform rather than having to think up what to wear to work each morning.

  7. MJ - All the Birkenstock and Croc-wearing lezzers go to Cananda to torment you

    Sav - so much to say about the new premises Sav - dunno where to start

    xl - On Casual Day everyone has to wear a tie - just a tie ... with a proper knot

    Will - did I mention that we're a film production company..

    Boonie - of course you can come along in your bikinis - please first submit photo of you in your best outfit

    Louciao - we like uniforms ;)

  8. I'm with Heff. Where the hell are the photos Lulu?

  9. Can I come work in your office? It sounds like fun... I volunteer for dragon duty in the basement....

  10. Are the gentlemen wearing bikinis too?

  11. Heff and Nursey - I give you an almost photographic rendition of cavorting lesbians and dragons - are you never satisfied?

    Glory - I will be forever indebted to you for showing me how simple-minded I am

  12. Screamish - Do you have dragon-pacifying skills?

    Mme Def - the gentlemen are like birds of paradise - their bikinis are the most extravagant


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