Monday, October 11

Pictures Of Me (i)

Lately I've been mostly feeling like this.

My house looks as though a herd of wildebeest have been having a bloody big party with too many drugs but it is finally empty of people (just me running naked from room to room doing Tarzan calls). The film company has moved in to its new premises.

I'll be posting the picture of the new me just as soon as I've finished all the Champagne


  1. what is that in your hand, some Fay Wray dolly? Nice skirt the swirling ballbearing effects.

    Let me know if you need help finishing of the champers...

  2. i totally empathize, sugar, i just looked at the new digs and hotdamnhoneythatwasabigjob! it all looks grand! well done you! xoxoxox

  3. "me running naked from room to room doing Tarzan calls"

    That's the pix I want to see!

  4. Hitler with castanets was not quite how I had visualised you....

  5. Hey! That's a face reserved for those with children ...

  6. Nice to see you looking a little brighter. Are you a pastafarian by any chance?

    Have a nice day, Boonie

  7. looking forward to the new you. Not that there was anything wrong with the previous version

  8. You seem to have a curly phone lead round your middle.

    Looking forward to the next pic.


  9. Self-portraits are always difficult. Still, I think you really nailed the eyes.

  10. Great to see that you've kept your heels on whilst running from room to room. One simply must keep up appearances in all circumstances, whether in a herd of wildebeest or nakedly alone with a bottle of Champagne.

  11. Nakedness? Champers? Wildebeest? Why wasn't I invited?

  12. Running naked from room to room on your stilletoes doing Tarzan calls... I can't wait to see your new you.

    The new premises look great!

  13. Loving the high heels. It's a good look for you.

  14. I'm having trouble recovering from Fly in the web's comment.

    Glad to hear, though, that you finally have your house back, X

  15. Wow - yeah - I knew you'd like 'em

    Kevin - My hair is in the special 'torn out' mode, their not called dreadlocks for nowt

    Screamish "what is that in your hand"
    Just an incompetent lawyer I'm strangling

    Sav - I'm sure you've been there - or somewhere like it

    xl "That's the pix I want to see!'
    They're on ebay for auction

    Mrs fly "Hitler with castanets was not quite how I had visualised you"
    Intrigued to know what you did envisage

    Will - I learned that face when first confronted with children ...

  16. Gadjo Dilo - not many people think I'm Winsome but I am in my heart - and you could see that.

    Boonie - I am a pastafarian and a tapiocafarian

    nursey - reinvention is the mother of necessity

    Frenchie - "You seem to have a curly phone lead round your middle"

    That's the intestines of various estate agents (I was trying to make garters)

    red-handed - Yeah my eyes are definitely my best feature

    Hello louciao - all women can run in heels - backwards if necessary.

    Dolce - sorry I thought you were in New York

    Leni - videos also for sale on ebay

    Madame DeFarge - high heels are a good look for everyone - even the guys

    Eryl - having the house back is very odd

  17. The shoes...

    Are they Louboutins?

    Or LuLuboutins?

  18. Touché!

    Have a nice day, Boonie

  19. "There is clearly a great deal to know about this. I feel you made some excellent points in Functions also.Hold operating ,great work!"

  20. It’s The Freakin’ Green Elf Shorts Caption Competition over at Donn’s blog!

  21. Oh my, one week has passed and you still look a bit sloshed!

  22. Looks like a dead nice office now. That stuffed bull's head would great in my hallway.

  23. MJ - will go and try to figure out the rules.

    Leni - Whole lotta champagne blurs the world nicely

    Marky - you go stuff your own bull - Hugh's ours!

    Met mum - the only way to do naked ;)

  24. That actually looks exactly like me. Freaky.


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