Monday, September 27

Life Swap Gnu

There is a film crew in Kenya trying to film crocodiles and hyenas in the Masai Mara - the plains however have been mobbed by gnu*.

Gnu being very starstruck animals are mad film fans, every one of them, walking in front of the camera trying to present their best profile - even when getting eaten by crocodiles they won’t stop showing off.

One of their clan has done a life swap with the director of this movie - last seen eating grass on the Mara plains while Hugh the gnu packed his anorak, got himself a cheap flight to Bristol and picked up a rental car at the airport .

Hugh is hoping to make his name on the big screen and is looking to the 2012 Oscars. As a stepping stone to the big time he is cutting his cinematic teeth on a gritty observational documentary. The narrative will focus on a film production company’s search for a new den, the audience will marvel at the way this species accumulates many large heavy items that they feel the need to drag around with them, they will guffaw at the hilarious human legal system, and they will cry as the little company is savaged by dastardly predators.

*If you want to know more about gnus, here's an introduction


  1. The Gnu Song reminds of the tunes Dr. Demento once played on his radio show... with other hits, such as, Dead Puppies, The Pencil Neck Geek...

  2. but how did he get out? xoxoxox

  3. Hugh may be headed for extinction, driving on the wrong side of the road!

  4. Did you ever watch Gary Gnu? He even had his own Good Gnu News Show!

    While he didn't look like an actual gnu, he was quite funny as I'm sure Hugh is.

    Here's a link:

  5. A relative used to sing this to me when I was a wee Mistress.

  6. Damn those dastardly predators

  7. This is a gnu one on me. I hope that he doesn’t end up as gnubuck.
    Thanks for this gnusciatingly funny post.

    All the best, Boonie

  8. I can see a great future for him. Over someone's fireplace probably.

  9. Hey Lulu - I have a slow connection and couldn't watch the video. You are a font of animal behavior wisdom. I learned a lot about insects here and now gnus. I love the photo, but it looks a little disturbingly like someone put a gnu's head in that car and left the rest of the gnu someplace else. Take care.

  10. I am not going to make a "wildebeest be able to cope once it goes back to its old life?" comment.

  11. 'Hugh the Gnu'! Made me spit me Brahma on the screen! :¬)


    (Got a new blog, xxx

  12. As originally sung by Flanders and Swann - who also sang my all time favourite, Madiera M'dear.


  13. Will - I think I'd like Dr. Demento

    Wow - you gnu now

    dinahmow - he's a kerazy driver

    sav - gnus can leap higher than 10 houses

    xl - when Hugh's driving all other road users get out of the way!

    Scribe - Aah Gary Gnu - a distant cousin of Hughs

    MJ - when you were his Mistress!

    Mrs Fly - so glad you're a Flanders and Swann fan too.

    Nursey - and theyre always lurking

  14. Boonie S - my pleasure

    Madame DeFarge - Hugh has taken up residence in the new kitchen

    KSV - I can assure you that Hugh is a complete er animal.

    Kevin - so glad you didn't

    mapstew - will be checking out your gnu place

    Dolce - Madiera M'dear - lovely

  15. Perhaps Hugh can bring some of his crocodile friends over to savage those dastardly predators back. Once the film is in the can, of course.

    I must now research Dr Demento, thanks Will.

  16. Nice to know you're still singing around the house. Had enough of Rolf and his hippos then? xxx

  17. I hope Mr Gnu was not put under arrest for driving the wrong side in the streets of Bristol! That's a very funny pic!

  18. I guess you can tell that they're attention seekers by the way they spell the name of their species - like e.g. calling yourself "Vin Diesel" when your real name is actually just Mark something.

  19. So sorry to arrive so late - it's this work stuff getting in the way. As for the clip - I used to hear this song when I was little on a kid's programme called Uncle Mac. Aw, I went all little again when I heard this.

    Hope things are good for you and the film crew atm, Lu.


  20. Eryl - Hugh has many friends and relatives who are filling up our new offices too rapidly for comfory - but if they eat the dastardly predators I guess that's ok.

    Ange - we got Rolf and his hippos too.

    Leni - Gnu's are exempt from the driving regulations in Britain

    Gadj - Hugh is the worst kind of attention seeker, he is currently hanging on an orange wall

    Frenchie - Never heard of Uncle Mac - bet I'd like him though (was he like Johnny Morris?)

  21. Brilliant. I've always loved comparing Bewilderedbeast with humans. The whole safety in numbers no-fkn-clue herd menatality..and they stand around going HMM HMM millions of them HMM HMM and then they kneel down to get a sip of water infront of the 2000 scaly log and wonder what went wrong.
    Love it.
    Good Gnus for Modern Man.


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