Saturday, September 11

Elephants Blocking My View

Another week and things have got far worse... We are supposed to be signing contracts and moving into the new offices in three days time, the documents are not in order, the rottweiler/solicitor for the landlord has suddenly presented us with terms and conditions that we cannot agree to.

This is last night's dream:

I am driving a mini down the road, as I am driving the vehicle grows bigger, becoming a monstrous sort of London taxi then even bigger, the driver’s seat stays in the middle of the vehicle and low down so it is harder and harder to reach the wheel - but I'm really trying to hang on, my view through the windscreen is now just the tree branches overhead, I can no longer reach the pedals. Somehow I am still driving and haven’t yet crashed. I’ve been driving for days, months even, so I pull myself together and figure that the fuel must run out soon, then I can stop and get out, maybe I’ll drift down someone’s driveway and then I can get help.

I am comforting myself with this thought when an elephant materialises in my lap.


  1. The image reminds me of Ganesha.

    "Ganesha is widely revered as the Remover of Obstacles and more generally as Lord of Beginnings!"

    There you go!

  2. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that you get a good resolution and a pit stop soon.

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  4. I’d like to help, so…..
    Re The Solicitor: Shoot the bastard. He’s just a money grabbing nuisance. Get him out of the way and rest should be plain sailing.
    Re Your Dream: This is very Freudian. It would indicate to me that you have a problem with the trunk of your car. You must ask yourself the following questions, “Have I ever seen this elephant before? Is it known to me or is it a ‘stranger’ elephant? Where did it come from and could I push it back there?”. It’s appearance does provoke the question in my mind: Did you eat baked beans before falling asleep?
    I hope that the above is helpful.

    Have a nice day, Boonie

  5. I would love to see what brother in law...a Jungian...would make of this dream.

  6. I think that a dream in which your vehicle drives for weeks without needing fuel means that riches are coming your way, they will be bountiful and will never stop growing.

    Torch the solicitor though.

  7. Bollocks to solicitors.

    Have a hug.

  8. If its a baby elephant, that's cute. If not, run.

  9. Your dream suggests to me that the rottweiler/solicitor better watch out: Lulu the unstoppable is coming and she has a pet elephant.

  10. How very odd. I dreamed of elephants last night.
    Rebecca in the Land of Radishes

  11. XL is right. Ganesha's motto is "Do your best and I'll do the rest". He's landed right in your lap so you don't have to try too hard. All will fall into place like a stack of 3 drawer hard wood chests.
    So absolutely wonderful to have you come and cook up a storm in our humble kitchen.
    Huge elephantine love.
    Joey. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  12. P.S. Maybe you should change the quote in your sidebar to say "I like continual certainty right now"

  13. Oh dear! I've just read the whole horrendous story and I have nothing but sheer love for you right now my friend. I hope your band of merry men know how lucky they are to have you leading the charge. Where's a Lovely House when you need it? Sending elephant hugs!....and booze.

  14. xl - thank you for putting such a positive view on this - you and Joey have made me see the dream as a lucky omen

    Thanks Glory

    Boonie S - I have shot The Solicitor - apparently it's not considered murder around here.

    ... and I did eat baked beans

    Nursey - A plushie would've been too creepy

    Mrs Fly - I could send him some of the weirder ones!

    Frenchie - another brilliant forecast - I love this one thank you!

    Solicitor shot, torched ... but won't quite die

    Kevin - he has no bollocks now either.
    Lovin' the hug mmm

  15. Madame DeFarge - I am now seeing the elephant as very cute ... but a little on the heavy side.

    Eryl - I'm afariad that despite all my attempts to kill him - he still beat me.

    Radish - and that was my first ever elephant dream!xx

    JoeyJoJo - All will fall into place like a stack of 3 drawer hard wood chests. owch!!!

    loved cooking up a storm in your divine kitchen.

    and on the certainty issue - you've got me sooo spot on.

    Katrocket - lovin' your elephantine hugs too - thank you so much xxxxx

  16. Just catching up Lulu. So sorry to hear about all this stress. I have had that driving dream, or one a lot like it, many times - mostly as a kid before I learned to drive (I was stuck in charge of a car I couldn't control - one time the steering wheel turned into a reel-to-reel tape in my hands). I still have it sometimes though usually the car is sliding backwards down an icy hill or something along those lines. I feel your pain but I am also sure that resolutions will present themselves and your move will happen. Wonderful how we mothers forget the pain. Hang in there.

  17. This collage is the panasonic terrifico! Seriously: the bomb.

  18. K - thanks for that, do you think mother's get better drugs than people doing property deals?

    Coming from you Red - Phew!

  19. Right Xl,the image is like lord Ganesha.All knows in India he is remover of obstacles.Its a good sign Lulu.,


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