Thursday, November 25



The beginning of November was spent in London in the company of a kitten doing all the adorable kitten things including sneakily creeping into cupboards and drawers then getting stuck inside.

The sea temperature has plummeted, I'm still swimming and wanted to share the experience but it's harder to draw myself encased in a block of ice than I imagined*, enough to say that the commonly used term for the lobster red colour of the swimmer's raw flesh as they haul themselves out of the water is 'The Clevedon Tan'.

*I post about chilly swimming with a monotonous regularity, the web view of this blog shows tags that could lead you to more swimming-related posts - this one is typical


  1. I love your drawings too. Am not so sure about The Clevedon Tan! Brrrrrrrr.

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  3. I do a variation of wild swimming in our pool. I swim unders- and -overs against the vaccuum tube of the pool cleaner!

  4. Di - that sounds pretty wild to me xx


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