Thursday, February 18

I bought some adult lady shoes

to go with the smart trousers that I can zip up but not sit down in

I made myself late for a meeting yesterday because I was looking for the perfect sock to go with the adult shoe and the smart trouser to attend a serious meeting today

I got home and rehearsed the outfit but decided that the look needed more practise in a less risky arena so I went to the meeting wearing 'normal me' clothes

and it went really well  


  1. Perhaps the smart trousers can be worn at the next occasion in the Uncommon Room!

  2. I stood in our closet today and looked at the clothes hanging there and realized that I haven't worn any of them in MONTHS! Yep, it's been sweats, khakis, or black cotton trousers and black or white tee shirts, except when I went to a wedding in New Orleans. I think it's time for a purge here, sweetpea! xoxox

    1. Spring is on the way - the Lady Shoes need yellow socks! xxxooo

    2. I do love the way you think, darling! xoxox


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