Sunday, March 31

at the beginning of March

my hand underwent surgery. The surgeon gave me a sketch of what he did and I've been showing it to all and sundry in the manner of a proud parent-to-be showing a baby scan.

It's still the recovery period (and for another month or so at least), doing lots of flexing and massage to build strength in my thumb joint, to bring the nerve endings back to life and reduce scar tissue - it's sore and I can't drive or put my bra on!

It's been a sad month - a dear friend and beloved member of our neighbourhood died at the end of February.

I am setting up an art project in Surrey, I'm still in the preparatory phase. As I'm not able to drive and I'm unfamiliar with the area I took up the offer to go and look after a long-haired cat near the estate where I'll be working. The hairy tomcat spent his days and nights out and about, getting up to mischief no doubt. He'd slink back to the house with evidence of these adventures on his prodigious coat - bits of hedge and moss stuck all over him, surprising odours hitching a ride too - one morning he came in smelling as though he'd been in the sewers.

Back home on Friday I decided to try swimming in the lake by the ocean with my injured hand, the temperature is still quite icy, as the cold seeped in my thumb joint complained and I had to return to dry land swimming single handedly, the poorly one held above my head as though I was calling for help.


  1. Best wishes for a complete and speedy recovery!

    Impressive scar! Maybe say that you got it tangling with a pride of Masai Lions whilst on a photo-shoot in East Africa!

    1. I was going with sharks but lion-fighting is scar-worthy too. xx

  2. I'd have that sketch matted, framed and hung where it could be seen and admired.
    Sorry it's going to be a long and hurt-y recovery.I suggest drinking from champagne flutes;no hefty tankards dahn the pub, else you'll do yerself a mischief.

    1. I will do all those things, Thank you Di xx

  3. What Dinah said!! The sketch would look good framed.
    All the best for a speedy recovery.


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