Wednesday, March 3

Green shoots and shadows


I'm loving the impending sense of spring even more than usual and once again I'm making my annual attempt to get to grips with water colours,  the lesson I have to learn every time is that I go with far too many things,. My 'travelling' water colour set has a choice of tiny paint pots but my fidgetting keeps tipping the paints over and that makes me a bit sweary. 

I have finally realised that the future is monochrome. Last Sunday I went out painting with a solitary paint pot - my world became less blue and more green


  1. Darling Lulu,

    How fabulous to see you here again.

    Less is definitely more in this case. The glorious tints and tones of green capture the mood of the moment perfectly. So lovely.

    The sun is getting higher in the sky, the shadows are lengthening and there is green all around. How well your picture conveys these emotions and the sense of a new season.

  2. I think you've done really well with the green pot. Bit grey in these parts today.
    Can't wait for Spring to take over.

  3. Hello Hattatts, fabulous to see you again and thank you for you lovely words

  4. Scarlet, thank you, it is a bit grey this week isn't it

  5. Oo, nice mono!
    Bright sunshine in my latitude.Hot, too.I spent too long weeding millions of palm seedlings...I may be in need of a fainting chaise.

  6. I could do with hot Di ... and palm seedlings - exotic bliss!


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