Tuesday, August 17

Doggy talk

I've been staying near Oxford for the last two weeks, dog-sitting for an elderly greyhound, here he is sleeping on a stripey rug. 

There was a river at the end of the garden and I took daily dips, it's a funny thing, swimming along chatting to people on their houseboats, I can't be on houseboats for too long because I get land sick when I go back onto dry land - I stayed on a barge once and by the end of one week I couldn't walk straight on a pavement which felt dangerous.

I like the effect that walking a dog has on other people, I've had some curious conversations, one lady asked me what breed my dog was and then noted how dog breeds have changed since when we were young - 'My Nan had a Jack Russell but you don't see the terriers any more, or the Lassie dogs, everything's some sort of poo these days'.


  1. I have a Parson Russell!! - Jack Russell with long legs.
    During lockdown my social life revolved around dog walking - one day there was a muddle because we realised that more than six people had congregated.
    Now that lockdown is over I am generally back to my lonely trudge.
    I've also had the wobbly leg problem after getting off a boat - I quite enjoyed it - cheaper than whiskey at any rate.

  2. I bet your PR is delightful. I'd much rather a whiskey than post-boat legs xx

  3. That woman you met is quuite right about dogs today being some sort of poo. Usually where you step if you're not careful!


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