Thursday, June 12

I passed Drunk Trike on my way to the Brain Doctor's

She's looking a bit porky

 I think it's too much junk food

Happy to back with the Brain Doctor.

A very old and tiny patient comes in regularly, today she peeped over the edge of my desk and pushed towards me a card that she had cut down from a card someone had given her.

On the back of it was written the address of someone she thought I might be interested in.


  1. Very pleased to see that Drunk Trike is back on her, err, feet again!

    PS: I was following along on the recent travel adventures, but didn't have any comments. Sorry.

    1. Her tyres are looking a bit flat though aren't they?

      Comments not obligatory but always nice to see you

  2. Good god! Is the tiny woman pimping!

  3. I note a very shiny saddle, so at least someone is getting some exercise.
    Whose address????

    1. I have seen the person who makes the saddle shiny, he looks rather interesting. The address is for the person who knows about goings-on in my neighbourhood!!!


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