Tuesday, December 13

Reviving Absurdity

Who doesn't need an off-the-shoulder-see-thru poncho trimmed with pompoms?

I just went to Paris.

The whole point of going away is to renew one's sense of the absurd, you go to a new place with all its strange behaviour, you're there long enough to normalise the strangeness, then you come back home to a whole new set of previously unobserved ridiculousness.

The point of the Parisian trip was to attend a 'Congress', I found a world in miniature: I felt enormous as I tried not to wolf eclairs made for dolls and sipped on the tiny tiny cups of coffee. There were also people speaking and there were films being shown but I mainly remembered people obsessing about beverages. Listening makes people really hungry.

There were a lot of Americans at this event, from my own visits to the USA I know that American people need to be permanently plumbed into large reservoirs of caffeine - at the end of the Paris event when we were asked how the next one could be improved the big demand was for bigger coffee, I would've asked for bigger cakes but I was too shy.


  1. I don't need (or want) a see through, off the shoulder poncho with pompoms but I too would need (and want) a reliable and large supply of coffee.

  2. That'd be no use for a Saturday night out in Limerick, I'd be sure to catch a chill, if not a beating!

    I love the smell of French coffee, but yes, there needs to be more of it! :¬)


  3. Not being a coffee drinker, I would have asked for big eclairs instead.

  4. wine, wine, wine ;) is the absolute best thing in paris, along with the cheese and yes, the pastries...i so want to be in paris RIGHT NOW! xooxoxoxox

    oh, yeah, i forgot, the hot chocolate at angelina cafe.

  5. So, do the cakes here seem absurdly large to you now, will a standard latte set you a quiver, and, did you buy the poncho?

  6. What's absurd? ... see-through ponchos and small cups of coffee or us having 11 aircraft carriers, 71 nuclear submarines, 3000 fighter jets and 1.5 million people in the military.

  7. Well, I have no penchant for such a poncho.Coffee, yes.

  8. Paris...for a Congress!
    From the accounts rendered by local maires...Paris is congress, in the sexual provision sense, paid for by political allies and big firms...so tell me...how did you get to know DSK?
    Or,more likely, as a woman and foreigner, how did you miss out?

  9. Hello Lulu:
    How wonderful to have been offered coffee and cake within the splendid surroundings of Paris. Our experience of conferences was that they all took place in the cheapest of Holiday Inns, or similar, where the coffee was undrinkable [served from some monstrous urn switched on for days] and there was not an éclair in sight.

  10. What the ... you went to Paris to look at miniature eclairs??

    I love it. While others go to see the Palais Royale or les musees, you my dear had the luxury of time (and money) to look at an exhibit.

    But seriously, I love your thought about the absurd and why its existence is perhaps necessary. =)


  11. well if no one else covets the poncho I'll have it

  12. What, no mugs of tea?? I doubt this very British sounding request would have gone down too well with the French... especially at the moment.

  13. Synchy - not sure you've got your priorities worked out there.

    Mapstew - nonsense - it'd be perfect for a Saturday night out in Limerick, you could definitely carry that one off.xxx

    lx - a man after my own heart.

  14. Savannah - and there's a woman who could be my soul twin - wine, good hot chocolate and cheese - trumps everything xxx

    Eryl - actually that Starbucks trend to supersize everything has always made me queasy - I just need more than 2 sips.
    Now that poncho, like everything in Paris is so wonderfully expensive that a purchase is out of the question - apart from food Paris is strictly for le lèche-vitrine

    Bill - you have hit a very big nail on the head there. People like me talk about the fluff because if we turn our attention to the proper nonsense our heads would explode.

    Dinahmow - I have never had a poncho penchant but this one did turn my head.

    Mme fly - I have been sniggering about 'going to Paris for a congress' since I bought the ticket, although I was hoping not to make contact with DSK.

    J&L Hattatt - I had expected simialr but the congress hotel turned out to be quite good and although small the vittles were excellent.

    Kane - see my comment to Bill about the existence of fluffy absurdities being necessary for our sanity.

    Nursemyra - I shoplifted it for you

    Scarlet Blue - It is exactly that mug of tea that I always miss most.

    MJ - Canadians always want more than donuts.

  15. I've been looking for a woman with the guts to wear a poncho like that. If I can't find one, perhaps I should take the mannequin. At least it would help me with the high occupancy lanes of the highway.

  16. Hi Dear -

    I'll hold my hand up as one who does not need the poncho. What, exactly, is the point of a tight poncho anyway? Oh. Right. Like the mannequin.

    I have been meaning to drop in if for nothing else than to convey happy holiday wishes. I was jolted into action just now when I noticed over on Facebook that Regina Spektor (!) had taken an interest in one of the films with which you are associated. More brushes with greatness for Lulu. Best wishes to you and yours. Joyeux Noel.

  17. I would say that poncho needs a couple more pompoms placed in more strategic places.

  18. Wishing you the best Christmas ever.

  19. Bring your own coffee, that's the answer. Great big thermos of it with the big plastic cup screwed on the top. Happy Holidays!! xxx

  20. Happy Christmas, m'dear!!!

  21. Wow - so practical!

    KSV - You know that poncho is so you my dear.

    Happy Holidays xx

    louciao - I don't think this is an outfit for the shy

    Happy Christmas to you lx

    Gadjo Dilo - prefect solution! Happy hols to you too xx

    Scarlet - Happy Christmas sweetie xxx

  22. Merry Xmas Lulu, lots of love from the nurse xx


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