Sunday, June 29

I just bought this book

the flavour thesaurus by niki segnit

It was supposed to be a gift but I have already read it too much, I will need to keep this one and buy another.

It will be indispensable on those days when think that I've not got the makings of a meal in the house and then I spot the watermelon and that bar of chocolate at the back of a drawer :

the sicilian dish gelo di melone is a watermelon soup thickened with cornflour, sweetened with sugar, spiced with cinnamon and flavoured with either crushed pistachio, grated chocolate or candied peel, or a combination of all three.

who knew?


  1. Is there an entry for tuna fish and vodka? Uh, I'm asking for "a friend."

  2. Chocolate at the BACK of the drawer???? Not in this house.

  3. I think it gets eaten before there is time to hide it :-)


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