Monday, March 30

I'm staying in Crouch End

with an arthritic and very hairy grey cat  - in the space of a single day I too have become hairy and grey, the house is painted white - this must be what being a yeti is like


  1. Do you need two more abominable grey cats?

  2. I have 2 high-shed black cats...we could knit Fair Isle

  3. Is "Crouch End" a real place?

    1. It is (in North London) - you must know about our funny English place names

  4. I'll have to look it up, and add it to my bucket list of places to see before I die - if it hasn't disappeared under all the cat hair. Incidentally, I understand that there are one or more places in the UK called "Bell End" and that this is regarded as hilarious over there. (I had to look it up to understand why). Sending you good thoughts. I'm glad you worked out the internet and the cat's food temperature preferences.


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