Friday, August 21

First thing this week

I was in London visiting a woman who wanted someone to take care of her house while she went away - we got on like a house on fire - it seemed that we had an arrangement ...

... but then her girlfriend turned up and did not like the look of our house on fire at all, no ma'am. Cigar clamped between her teeth she made sure that I would not like to be in this house one moment longer.

Second thing this week I found myself painting two bathrooms for money, one is the colour of dulchey de lechey and the other is mermaid-tail-shiny-green


  1. Oh, I think I would like the mermaid-tail-shiny-green!

    PS: Will you be going to Dismaland?

    1. there have been so many reviews and publicity images I feel as though I don't need to plus It sounds tough to get a ticket and I'm a softie, although I did love his Bristol show

  2. Please find a place in which to happily settle soon as the cigar woman made all my motherlies start to jangle. And don't forget a clean hankie!


  3. Well, that's sort of a compliment. I hope you find digs soon.


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