Friday, June 17

Where to start?

there were cats and now there are none

there was school but that's  finished for summer

I'm sort of back in Bristol but keep going away - that embroidered rendition of Clifton Suspension Bridge was discovered on a visit to a Stoke Newington junk shop on wednesday with my fairy-godmother-aunt who haggled mercilessly to buy it for me. After the f-g-m-a left I met my tutor and asked him if our exam results were out yet

yes but I haven't worked out how to publish them

visited Holy Island with the Man to see the priory and the upside down Hobbit boats

then to Scotland to see my sister and the nibblings where a discussion of future careers was going on:
adult: you can be anything you want
five-year-old : can I be a Wot Wot Hoo Ha?


I feel the need to draw your attention to this poem about hermits


  1. "upside down Hobbit boats"

    Did an invasion attempt go awry?

    1. Possibly the pilot episode of Lord of the Rings was set here

  2. I love that embroidery and the story of its acquisition. Also I am jealous of your travel, again. Fingers crossed for you on those marks.

    1. I knew it would be your sort of thing Kim, not sure if I'm going to be getting anywhere too glamorous anytime soon.


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