Wednesday, May 3

I had one of those builders round

the sort that do a lot of teeth-sucking before telling you how difficult it will be to fix a broken window. This one, in his broad brummie accent, assessed the situation and told me quite frankly it would be cheaper and less trouble to move.   

I said  we can't move, there's 50 different species of bee* in the garden, it's like having a farm

he said   I know what that's like, I leave a sandwich out every night for the fox - a chip buttie, he bites the middle of it and then just walks off leaving the crust - every night         

*More about bees here


  1. Thank you. This is just the sort of thing I needed to read.

    (Would Martin like the 9,173 ants that moved into my linen cupboard during the rain storms?)

    1. He might but I might feel we have plenty of our own ants

  2. Ex is also like that about bread crusts.


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