Tuesday, September 5

I've cocooned

What Do You Call A Fly Without Wings? from Ammonite Films on Vimeo.

I'm like that bluebottle larva locked in a hard shell shuffling my molecules around trying to make something of myself.

That's what writing the the Big Essay feels like.

I'm staying in a dowdy ground floor flat on a busy road, the weather is dreich and there's a gloomy fat cat who doesn't move - he's like a furry companion cocoon. 

it will to stop soon and I can go home.


  1. Sounds like you need a hug.Or a G & T.

  2. As long as eating roadkill isn't involved, it will be OK.

  3. hugs and double g&t's, sugar! cool video! xoxox

    1. Thanks sweetie - I've got it back from the printers, now chilling with damson gin xxx


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