Friday, May 4

My sister has been sending me fringes

photos of fringes that she might adopt as part of a new hairstyle - what did I think of this one? ... or this one?   

yesterday, there was a photo of the final fringe, in situ on my actual sister's actual head - it was GREAT!!!

Then she went to pick my niece up from school.

The niece looked at her new mother, clapped her hands over her mouth and ran back into school, the teacher went in after her and found the child sobbing - because her mother's fringe was sooooo beautiful

When my niece had calmed down, her mother said that she could also have a fringe if she wanted, the child was beside herself with delight and they popped into the hairdresser on the way home, she thinks hairstyles are like tattoos

Will we stay like this forever?

The nephew on the other hand was less keen, he thinks the fringe is ok as long as his mother keeps walking and there's a wind to blow it up a bit but he doesn't like it when she's just standing still. He is making plans on how to deal with unwanted still hair.


  1. Well, that certainly caused a sensation and it was even the Horny Mohawk one!

  2. WOW! That's a reaction! I asked super nana if I should cut some bangs/fringe and her answer was a definite and RESOUNDING no. I might have to ask BGM what she thinks. xoxo

  3. I have a fringe... it is easier to maintain than neat eyebrows.

  4. According to family legend I asked my mother to "buy me a fringe" for my birthday.

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