Tuesday, November 16

Over- exposed

I impulse-bought a chair from a second-hand shop at the weekend, the shop man made his son carry it home for me. This provided a much-needed comedy bonus - the boy's trousers were fashionably slung below his bottom and both his arms were fully occupied with the chair, no matter how wide the boy made his bow-legged waddle, the trousers sank repeatedly to the floor.

Then we had lots more exposure last week when all the British newspapers suddenly started publishing photographs that were taken during filming trips in Africa:

Just two newspapers had a reporter check facts about the images which were provided by a photo library with our contact details for further information. one of those reporters bothered to take notes.

The Daily Mail made some interesting stuff up which resulted in some surprisingly abusive comments on the online article.

The images were made when this film was being filmed.


  1. OH MY GOD those photos are incredible!!!!! you must be so proud of yourselves!! that is such a fantastic achievement...

    never had any contact with journalists but the fact checking stuff doesnt surprise me at all...hope it worked out in the end...

  2. Not only does the lack of fact checking not surprise me in the least, but the abusive comments are just par for the course as well. I haven't seen a single article online, no matter how benign, that didn't have at least a few awful comments tagged on. The people who make a hobby of commenting on articles are truly the bottom of the internet barrel.

    The pictures are lovely though.

  3. Lulu these are astounding! You must be so proud of Martin. (so many good things come out of New Zealand ;-)

  4. GORGEOUS! we were so excited to watch "migrations" knowing that y'all had worked on it! congratulations and forget the negative comments! xoxoxoxo

  5. Those who can; do.
    Those who can't; teach.
    Those who can't teach; report.

    I am so pleased when the brilliant work you guys do is publicly recognized!

  6. Sounds like the boy carrying the chair was a great crack. Hope he didn’t make an arse of himself.
    Good luck with the publicity stuff.

    All the best, Boonie

  7. Well, they're splendid pictures!

    (Expecting accuracy of The Daily Mail shows an unexpected insincerity of purpose.)

  8. Well done. I feel rather pleased knowing that I 'know' who is behind them. Fab.

  9. I agree with Madame D. I'm feeling rather pleased as well.
    *slaps Daily Mail Journalists round heads with smelly kipper*

  10. I do believe I saw that NG show filmed in Starlight. Engrossing show.

  11. Screamish - thank you, we are a little swollen with pride over here.

    StefRobrts - thank you to you as well

    nursemyra - so true the abundance of loveliness from New Zealand is astonishing

    Savannah - thank you darlin'

    xl - thanks sweetie

    Boonie - he did make an arse of himself - as a teenager I believe that's his job

    Kevin - ha ha

    Madame DeFarge and Scarls
    thanks gels
    *kipper too good to waste on DM journo*

    bb - Nat Geo never tell us when it's showing in the US, but great to hear that you saw it

  12. Who works for newspapers? Reporters. Who becomes reporters? The kids who couldn't get into law school. Or even teacher's college. And where is the paper printed? Bullshitistan.

  13. Why didn't he use the night vision gadgetry to see if you were asleep?


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