Sunday, November 28

Noisy Head

It was very late, I was in bed reading but not sleepy, my husband walked into the bedroom, fell on the bed and appeared to be instantly unconscious. I put the book down, turned off the light and tried to sleep but my head was too busy. I kept still as still could be.

After half an hour I heard him mutter

Please go to sleep

I muttered back that I was not moving

He hissed in exasperation
I can hear you thinking


  1. that's usually my line to the MITM! xoxoxox

  2. The Director is a light sleeper!

  3. I snore! (Seemingly?)

    Mrs. Map does says she doesn't know which is worse, my snoring or my 'thinking'! :¬)


  4. Amazing the talents men possess....

  5. Couldn't he give you a helping hand to fall asleep?

  6. That must be why he's 'the director', such skill!

  7. Are you married to Derren Brown?

  8. I saw this happen during my astral voyage to your bedroom

  9. So, he can hear the voices in your head too then?

  10. That’s something that I could never be accused of.
    Fun post. Thanks for this.

    All the best, Boonie

  11. Sav- Aha an MITM with a noisy head - very dangerous xx

    xl - only when it suits!

    Mapstew - snoring/thinking - both seem difficult to control xx

    Mrs Fly and Eryl - oh you should hear what he comes out with when he thinks he's 'reading' my mind

    nursemyra - like an Resteezee?

    Scarlet Blue - Crikey NO!

  12. Ellis Nadler - next time you astral voyage to my bedroom, bring some rum and a pack of cards?

    Ms Assassin - the hangovers are far noisier

    Madame DeFarge - he can hear all the voices in everybody's heads, his world is a noisy one.

    Boonie - but do you snore?

  13. It's okay if he can hear you thinking as long as he can't quite make out exactly what you're least not in the dark. Oh, but then he does have that magic see-in-the-dark camera doesn't he! Hmmm... Perhaps a helmet would help; to put on the Director, that is.

  14. We've had that exact same conversion, but only in our heads.

  15. Well, you were thinking very loudly. I think I heard you thinking and I am clear on the other side of the Atlantic.

  16. And it sounded like hissing bacon.

  17. When my husband staggers in and collapes on the bed in a dead sleep he usually mutters stuff like, "no not the mayo again" or "Slow down, you're going to hit that cat!" and once he said, ..."I like ....." well, I better not go there. Not only does he talk in his sleep he sleep walks and sleep eats! We once had a big argument over a piece of pie. Once he tried to wash dishes, gave up and went to bed (again) only to leave the hot water running. Major damage to the kitchen! I could write a book, but I promiced him I wouldn't.

  18. No. That's Mrs S's job....

    Have a nice day, Boonie

  19. Lou - I keep the Director in blinkers whenever possible

    BB - familiar huh

    K and red - sorry was I keeping you awake too

  20. Alph woman - still laughing at those pictures

    Boonie - bet she snores like a trooper, all the best do


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