Friday, December 3

Snowblind in Berlin

Why does everyone go on about how bad the sun is for the skin. My skin loves sun and looks all relaxed and happy when it's been out in it, the cold however, is something else again. I walked off the plane in Germany and straight into temperatures of minus eighty. My face hates it, my eyelids have developed uneven droopy bits, I look pinched and raw and witchy, my nose is glowing like a beacon.

It warmed up enough to start snowing when I got up in the morning, thick fluffy flakes. I love snow and I am here to sightsee so I rolled* straight outside into Berlin - I couldn't see it but I knew it was there - I could smell the pastries.

Help, I can,t use German typewriters and my euro-in-the-slot is running out ...
*I knew it would be cold so method of packing for this trip was to wear all of my clothes - I have learned that this makes locomotion tough-going.


  1. OH.MY.GAWD. you make me laugh, sugar! with you, of course, not at you, but i swear, the image of you in the snow is mentally hilarious! (i am convinced we are distant kin!) xoxoxoxox

  2. "my euro-in-the-slot is running out"

    Is that for the Magic-Fingers Bed?

  3.'d you go with a Russian typewriter?

  4. Thick fluffy flakes? Surely you aren't referring to the Berliners?!

  5. If it's as cold as that it could be an English bedroom! (We'll draw a veil over the smell of pastries.)

  6. Droopy bits? Nothing could be more disappointing.

    All the best, Boonie

  7. I like the cold, makes me feel all perky. And want to run inside to some hot chocolate.

  8. I once had a Euro in my slot.

    They do tend to run out quickly, you're right.

  9. savannah i am convinced we are distant kin! we were probably separated at birth for being too much trouble.

    xl -"my euro-in-the-slot is running out" unfortunately not - just the clockwork computer.

    Moreidlethoughts - would love to see a russian typewriter

    louciao - Thick fluffy flakes? a good description of tourists like me

    Nursemyra - maybe photos maybe

    Kevin - my English bedroom is actually much colder.

    Boonie S - Droopy bits come to us all my dear

    Madame DeFarge - I did a lot of running inside for hot chocolate.

    MJ - I can never make mine last


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