Wednesday, August 3

Tea - Mongolian Style

Find a large brick of tea and crumble part of it into a pot of boiling water, add toasted millet.

Keep the tea at a steady simmer and place slices of cold mutton fat, some cheese that is like unsalted Feta and a cheese that is like a very hard Parmesan in the drinking vessels.

Play some songs.

After half an hour of boiling add salted rancid butter and mares milk - a bit at a time until it tastes right then pour into the tea bowls.

This is the scene when the cooking is nearly finished, a drinking tune is being played and strong alcohol is being passed around the audience they must flick three drops from the cup into the sky before drinking the rest in one go.

Tstsegmaa tests the mutton dumplings and Chinggel is putting the finishing touches to the tea.


  1. I'm willing to try most things...this one didn't get past my incisors!

  2. I shall preserve this recipe in case my blasted sister in law ever manages to cross the threshold again.

    It will blow her backwards bow legged....that is if the Mayan prophecies don't get there first...

  3. OMG! I just clicked the might like this link about the Dilo Dolls.Lulu, it's not healthy for a grown woman to inhale so much coffee! Did you make your fortune?

  4. If I had plenty of the strong alcohol beforhand, I would be ready to try the tea!

  5. I don't like the sound of that tea, nor this coffee:

    '. . . his cup of 'housemaid's coffee', made with creamy milk, well sugared, slowly reheated, with buttered toast crumbled into it and browned till it formed a succulent crust.'
    From Cheri by Colette (which I didn't enjoy, save this bit of information.)

    Yes, I definitely prefer my beverages without chewy bits.

  6. Honestly doesn't sound all that bad on a cold evening except that I don't like getting rained on by other people's flicked up fortunes!! W.C.C.

  7. Um... it sounds extremely un-delicious

  8. Tea to sink your teeth into.

  9. I would like a hat like the guy in the middle when they show the three dudes singing. Can you arrange that for me? I can send you some Rocky Mountain Oysters in return.

  10. I scrupulously managed to avoid drinking the Tibetan equivalent whilst in Dharamsala. You don't think I'm going to do so from the safety of my own living room do you??? So - do you still have your teeth? What about your appetite?

  11. I knew there was a good reason I don't like tea and always drink coffee! : )

  12. Dinahmow - I did try this, strangely it was not unpleasant.

    Oh and I did make a fortune on the Dilo Dolls :D

    Mme Fly - tea as a weapon, now there's a thing!

    lx - I think that's how most Mongolians see it.

    Synchy - this tea is really a broth and that coffee is really a dessert n'est ce pas?

  13. W.C.Camp - Even being rained on by flicked up fortunes is not so bad - as long as you're dancing

    Nursey - the dumplings were heavenly

    MJ - sadly no!

    Louciao - on the steppes one needs such sustenance

    Wow, - Hat on the way - looking forward to the Rocky Mountain Oysters xx

    Ange - that cheese is very hard, but the teeth did survive thanks xx

    Hi Lippy - even Synchy's coffee?

  14. Do you drink on it or stand on it?

    I liked the video - how do they make those sounds?

  15. Wonderful! Nice post! Keep it coming!!

  16. KSV - this is a beverage with multiple uses.

    Anda Union are amazing musicians, apart from the stringed instruments that they can make sound like 'a thousand horses' they also have a technique of throat singing where they contract their throat to produce two notes at once, they did a workshop on it and watching westerners try was hilarious.

    Bonjour mr symbols

  17. 'that coffee is really a dessert...'
    Is it served as such nowadays?
    I think Cheri was having it with breakfast, but that doesn't mean much and my memory doesn't always work, anyway.


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