Thursday, July 28

Camping Queen

I'm hoping that I’ll have time to borrow a human this weekend.

Getting home from the Azores three weeks later than planned meant that I’ve had to cram the start of a new building project and catching up with five-weeks worth of office stuff into three and a half days before heading off to work at WOMAD for the weekend.

I love everything about WOMAD festivals except the camping, tents make my face go funny and I can never sleep in the things, however, if I want to do this job I have no choice and I love this job. Miss Whiplash lent me her little red tent for easy popability and I arrived early to pop it up in what seemed to be an advantageous place - near some rather posh-looking tents. I then went off to go and do some preparation for the weekend and came back a few hours later to see that the posh-looking tents have been assigned – I checked the tags on the tents to either side of mine.

I checked them out on Youtube, I don't think it'll be so bad - here’s one of them

BBC Radio 3 will be broadcasting some of the music from WOMAD.


  1. My goodness, you lead an interesting life. Have fun!

  2. Have fun!

    PS: 17 HIPPIES seem to be missing from the lineup this time.

  3. Hey Lulu! My eyes paid a little trick on me when I looked at the first picture and I came away with "taste the human". Maybe that would not be out of place. I hope the festival is as good as all these signs. I remain incredibly impressed with you.

  4. Hello Lulu:
    You really are a girl about town - or camp sites in this case! We do not, as you might expect, envy you your little red pop up tent [but then we have no idea what that might be] but do hope that you will have a really successful, and enjoyable, time. If BBC Radio 3 is there, then all cannot be lost!!

  5. The Human Library...I had no idea this sort of thing was going on in my homeland.

    I really must get out more.

  6. Are you cooking?
    Have a fab time and get some pics of the loos for me!

  7. The words "camping" and "queen" should not in any way involve a tent. Other than the camping bit, sounds like oceans of fun, especially as your neighbours are housed in a circus tent...3 ring, I wonder?

  8. Make sure to take a picture of the sign that you hang on your tent!! Try to sleep well - I'll be pulling for you! W.C.C.

  9. Just got back from my trip to find your postcard in my mailbox.... lovely surprise, thanks darlin'!!!

  10. Synchy and lx - My word I did!

    lx - 17 Hippies sadly missed

    KSV - thank you sweetie xx

    Jane & Lance - I am amazed that you are not campers, surely you have just a little desire to queue in a muddy field for a Portaloo?

    MJ - You could become a 'book' yourself - you never know who might take you out.

    Scarlet - the loo pics are scratch and sniff ones - my blog is family friendly but I thought I might send them to MJ.

    Louciao - I much prefer being a dancing queen.

    W.C.Camp - not a wink - in three nights.

    Nursey - took a while though didn't it?

  11. How did I miss this one. If you wish a little accordeon or bandoneon without the tent/camping, you may be lodged here at La Rivière and listen to my husband's Italian origins playing old French and Italian ditties. You can even cook if you like ;-)

  12. I went camping last week and for the first time in years it was awful. Usually the camp is full of quiet scandinavians and germans. But this time some all american Hillbillys with whiskey showed up.

    After the Scandinavians told them to turn down the radio at 11 pm they decided to retaliate with a 20 minute 'door-slamming-festival'.

    I guess they did turn off their radio, but no one said they couldn't slam car doors.



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