Saturday, July 16

Split Shifts

Now that half the team are out filming at night our mealtime structure has fallen apart. These days at noon 3 people will be eating toast or a full-on fry up while the others are half way through their working day.

Somewhere in the early afternoon a 'proper' cooked meal is ready, it would be nice if we sat and ate together but now we're never hungry at the same time so it gets eaten in shifts. Sandwiches and snacks are packed for supper on the boat and those of us left behind have a bread and cheese supper sitting at a table outside our house watching the sunset and wondering if the specks we can see on the ocean are 'our boat’.

I think we are all feeling a bit disjointed.


  1. That's a schedule somewhat like a warship on 24/7 patrol. A fourth meal is served at midnight call "mid-rats." (No actual rats are harmed.)

  2. Wow that is a tough schedule. How do you stay sane? I hope you get some sweets once in awhile? W.C.C.

  3. xl - We should be based on a warship really shouldn't we?

    W. C - we do get sweets, I made a jooly good shortbread recently and there is a great walnut icecream here.


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