Tuesday, September 13

Education These Days

A lot of people like the idea of 'working in television' but have no idea what that means, sometimes I get a glimpse into what is supposed happens in a production office, the letter below* arrived this morning and has managed to simultaneously brighten and depress my mood.

Hello, My name is xxxx xxxxxxx and i was wondering if there was any work experience available for producing? I am 15 years old and currently study at xxxxxxx (fancy school). I live in xxxxxx near xxxxxx (fancy area) and would be very grateful for any more information you have on work experience! I have skill such as:

Horse riding (hobby intermediate level)
Ballet (grade 7 and pointe)
Tap (grade 6)
Sailing (level 4 RYA)
Violin ( grade 5)
Piano (grade 8)
Running (hobby)
Drama (xxxxx School)
I have also done work experience with xxxxxxx productions so I know what I'm doing with the camera!

Thank you very much for your time! xxxxxx.

*The entire application is faithfully reproduced here, the only additions are the x's and the bracketed notes


  1. I am similarly depressed and amused at the same time.
    It's a peculiar feeling isn't it? Bit like eating sweet and sour.

  2. Did you also add all the kisses ?

  3. "...work experience available for producing..."
    Perhaps you could refer the applicant to a surrogacy clinic?

  4. Ugh! I used to work for a television network and all I can say is minus the glamour and fame, it's a very painfully stressful and life threatening job. But of course I was a exaggerating a bit.
    I only lasted a few months. Almost a year, but still, I quit!
    And you're right, the letter is quite a bit depressing.

  5. I think every production office should have a tap dancing sailor.

  6. So you hired her, right? Maybe she can feed the gators in the moat.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Considering she's 15 and can write (and make a list of things she's done) I suspect she will become one of the next generation's success stories.

  9. jesus wept!

    but, sadly, i have to agree with bill. she'll be a super star just like snooki! xoxoxox

    (you know it absolutely pains me that i even know who snooki is!)

  10. Ammonite's first Camera Girl?

  11. Hmm, I'm surprised that he/she didn't add "and daddy is a xxxxxx".

  12. Scarlet Blue It's a peculiar feeling isn't it? Bit like eating sweet and sour. that's it exactly xxx

    Nursey - I did add the kisses - I can't help it

    Dinahmow "...work experience available for producing..."
    That is a killer line isn't it?

    Hello Désolé Boy painfully stressful and life threatening that is the best description of working in telly that I've yet heard

  13. MJ - we already have five tap dancing sailors and an underwater ballerina - What I need is people who can make cake

    Wow, - Yup she fed the gators in the moat - they're still hungry

    Bill - at this point it is a bit depressing that she will almost certainly become one of the next generation's success stories.

    Savannah and Synchy - I now have to find our about snooki! xxxx

    lx - we do have camera girls but so far they haven't been able to make cake so they can only join us on a temporary basis

    Gadjo Dilo - me too!

  14. Actually grade 8 piano at 15 y/o is pretty impressive, give her a point. But nobody says "horse riding", her school must be dead common. Or else Daddy is a parvenu.

  15. As always, you crack me up.

  16. Dear Major Custard - Are you the father by any chance?


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