Wednesday, September 7

Sun Exposure Will Harden Pants

Finding jeans to fit me has got more difficult, this is possibly due to my recent obsession with cephalopods resulting in my becoming part squid.

Surfing the net to see if there were any sexy 8-legged jeans, I came across some instructions from True Religion about how to care for TR jeans*.

1. Wash true religion jeans jeans when the first salt water (brine concentrated more) wash will not fade over time; wash jeans as much as possible without detergent, detergent will speed up the fade.

2. Please do not use hot water soaked pants, and that there will be a large degree of shrinkage phenomenon, the general temperature of 30 degrees can be. If possible, please do not use a washing machine to wash jeans, pants fold that would undermine the sense of touch of the original color pants, and that the body's natural wear white pants have become unnatural. Do not iron, to maintain the natural pants.

3. pair of jeans is best not to prolonged sun exposure, sun exposure will harden pants, dry pants on the pants to keep your great help. Dry clothes, the pants over and avoid the sun fade when your pants.

4. wash when we must remember to turn over inside the washing, can reduce fading. If the jeans are not dirty with oil or other special circumstances, the minimize liquid detergent (neutral) the amount (try not to use detergent, alkaline detergent is easy to make jeans fade), or even water to wash.

5. from the health point of view, of course, every day, wash pants. If you do not wash dirty with dust and bacteria under blisters like without detergent.

*this becomes even more amusing to English people because for us pants are underwear.


  1. I'm thinking a squid could easily comply with all of those care instructions. Although I'm not sure what a squid's true religion might be.

  2. You know you've got True Religion pants when your lover starts speaking in tongues.

  3. But my jeans ARE dirty with oil or other special circumstances!

    You will like my friend Mario;



  4. From the title, I thought it was a missing "l" in gardening instructions on toughening-up seedlings.
    Silly me! This is much funnier.

  5. seriously? i swear, sugar1 i remember when wearing jeans was anti true religion! *sigh* i am rapidly approaching senility! xoxoxoxo

  6. Damn that large degree of shrinkage phenomenon

  7. Okay, I've followed the instructions.
    I have turned my jeans inside out and have put them in the cellar away from direct sunlight.
    Probably best never to wear them but I will admire them at regular intevals.

  8. So, basically, you can only wear these in space.
    Right then.

  9. I thought you were making this up, but I clicked through... Hmm.

    Hope you are well.

  10. Wow I did not know there was so much thought to washing any trousers? I think I had better go back to school if I buy any of these jeans. W.C.C.

  11. Mistress MJ is familiar with the shrinkage phenomenon.

    Wait about 15 minutes and try again.

  12. lx - I bet squid religion is something a bit underground and cultish.

    Wow, - you probably should avoid too much heat if you want to keep your jeans in good shape.

    louciao - that sounds quite rude

    Mapstew - your friend Mario is lovely, but apparently not very active this year.

  13. dinahmow - gardening does harden jeans too.

    savannah - I know I am rapidly approaching senility when I realise that I don't have the energy to care for my jeans this way any more. xxx

    Nursey - agreed but not to dispair, just follow MJ's advice

    Scarlet - didn't it used to be cool to keep jeans in the fridge - that's an ad to dig out xxx

    Red-handed - you can wear these in space and probably other cool places

    KSV - I never make anything up...

    W.C.Camp - For these jeans you had better go back to church.

    MJ - footwear and shrinkage phenomenon - you're the girl to manage the situation with a firm hand


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