Wednesday, October 19

Who Ate All The Pies?

Lisbon is lovely but I headed straight out to Belem where the world-famous-best-ever Portuguese custard pies are made. This turned out to be the world's biggest cake-eating palace, as well as all the almond cakes, rice cakes, meringues and gateaux made here, 12,000 custard pies are baked and eaten daily in a cafe that can seat 2,000 cake-eaters.


  1. How do they compare to Fray Bentos?

  2. Palace or factory (with a huge lunch room)?

  3. 2,000 covers!!! Think of the washing up!
    Do they also serve tea?

  4. I bet dodgy politicians and developers stay well away...all those pies would splat a lot of unpopular faces!
    Personally, I'd rather eat one than waste it. :-)

  5. What weight are those pies?
    Know where to go if you want to weigh a pie?

    'Somewhere over the rainbow.........'

    Ha! That's twice I got to use taht today! :¬)


  6. HOW did you get such a clear shot with so few PEOPLE in them. They can't get very fat from eating all those pies, that's all I can say ;-)
    Happy birthday!!! For the last 6 weeks. I must remember to say it every day !!

  7. Mmmmm, pie!

    I'll be glad to go back there with you to help finish off the other pies!

  8. Portugese tarts are all very well but I have a hankering for lemon meringue pie.

    welcome home Lulu xx

  9. Wish my kid could have tried them since she was relatively close by in Casablanca, Morocco a month ago. I love ANY kind of crust with meat, fruit, potatoes - you name it! Mmmmmmm! W.C.C.

  10. I sometimes struggle to think of things at which the Portugeuse excel, but you have now put an end to my struggle.

  11. Glad to hear you made good use of your time in Portugal getting pie-eyed.

  12. MJ - they are very good after a Fray Bentos

    Bill - it is a Palace/factory/canteen combo

    Scarlet Blue - I don't think of the washing up- they serve excellent coffee

    Dinahmow - me too!

    Mapstew - still groaning ...

    Wow - me too!

    Ange - I shouted 'FIRE' then while they were out of the way I ate the pies and took the pic

    Von LX - you'd love them

    Nursemyra - lemon meringue pie is divine too. Thank you

    W.C.Camp - relatively close in US terms, there are heaps of good things in Morrocco thoug - lucky girl!

    Gadjo Dilo - The Portugeuse also excel at making lovely tiles and pavements, they're quite a decorative lot.

    Louciao - Getting pie-eyed is a favourite activity

    Mme Fly - It's a baked creamy custard in a crispy pastry shell.

  13. So little time, so little pie. Or much pie.

  14. I didn't eat them. I don't like them. I ate all the chocolate biscuits. Those I like.


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