Thursday, November 17

Danger: This blog might be turning into one of those home improvement sites – if you are allergic to such things turn away now.

Sorry about all the blog-neglect going on here, renovations Chez Labonne have taken over my life.

It's the ground floor, and it started with just a little bit of picking around the edges, first in February, and then a bit more in May,

Can Of Worms doesn't do the resulting mess justice: over in the lounge-ey area, the removal of a rancid blue nylon carpet uncovered shiny little tiles with deep fissures running through them. I threw my biggest rug over them, dragged in a couple of sofas and decided to ignore the situation for another thirteen years.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen area, tearing down the wall cupboards and built-in appliances revealed some impressive mouldiness. I picked off the scabbiest bits, whitewashed the walls, proclaimed myself a ‘New Rustic Minimalist’ and decided to ignore the situation for another thirteen years.

I cracked a week later and after many false commencement dates, Bill the builder arrived last month...


  1. Oh dear..... it might have been easier just to move. To Australia.

  2. Yeah, rustic minimalism can get a little.... Er.... rustic....
    No worries, I loved Changing Rooms, and still miss it.

  3. Wear a dust mask, use a sledge hammer and have a go at the walls ... great fun! Rebuilding is another matter.

  4. Oh god! It's gone viral!

  5. i have learned my lesson from eryl, daisy and you! do not touch anything, leave well enough alone and if that fails, write checks! good luck, sugar! xoxoxoox

  6. Snap!
    We've bought a house in San Jose and the first job was to move the pilar....
    All I can say is that the person who installed it had Hitler's fuhrerbunker in would have resisted a bouncing bomb!

    It is now demolished and removed and we are rubbing liniment into each other's backs...before starting on the Torquemada's revenge shower room.
    Think Iron Maiden with dodgy electrics added.

    So if you would like a change of scene....

  7. So glad you are still blogging. I am woefully neglectful of your blog and your little corner of the Facebook world. I do think about you now and then though - after all you are the only person I have encountered who has seen Joni Mitchell stoned.

    I am sure our paths will cross in the future - I really feel it.

    Julie x

  8. Oh, good to see you, I was about to replace all the chocolate biscuits I ate in the the hope of luring you back. x

  9. nursemyra - that was the obvious solution and i'm kicking myself that I didn't think of it

    Scarlet Blue - me too!

    von LX - It was a bumpy ride but my mind has flattened out the worst bits

    Bill _ I have allowed men with mask to batter down walls, it was fun!

    dinahmow - are we all insane?

  10. Sav - I thought I'd learned my lesson by observing friends' building horrors - but that kitchen got me in the end. And I am back making cakes again which makes it all worth while.

    Mme Fly - Like I said to Daisy - we must be nuts!

    but Iron Maiden with dodgy electrics sounds like you have an attraction, have you thought of charging?

    Synchy - thank you and you are correct, pchocolate biscuits will always lure me out x

  11. Sledgehammer, self-leveling compound, new tiles, grout, new rug, domestic bliss. That would be my solution to all this. Oh, and get somebody else to do it.

  12. Did someone mention CAKE?

  13. Refurbishing the castle - yay! Be sure to install a twister slide from the west turret.

  14. You're making cakes? Did you make sure it was flour you were using and not plaster dust? Watch out for that first bite!

  15. LuLu, how are you? I hope things are going well with the renovation.

    Wont you show photos?=)


  16. Gadj- I have employed a man with sledgehammer, self-leveling compound and grout and you are right I have acheived domestic bliss.

    If only I had done it sooner

    MJ - this work cannot be done without CAKE!

    Wow, _ I want a waterworld theme to this refurb, all inhabitants and vistitors can choose between mermaid or whale outifts, I get to be Mr Neptune.

    Louciao - owch those were quite cruchy cakes!

    Kane I am very well thank you and the renovate is nearly done, might put up photos... xxx


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