Thursday, May 5

My New Minimalism

I’ve been a bit stressed lately...

Normally I bake my way out of trouble but lately I've needed to get a bit more physical; I recently spent a happy weekend (I think it was happy) pulling up the nasty carpet in the living room and tearing off wallpaper, beating the room into submission until it was reduced to a bare shell.

When the thrill of that destruction had ebbed I turned my attention to the kitchen. The toy oven that never baked evenly and won’t fit a proper roast dinner, that and the leaky fridge were both hurled outside. Great lumps of wall cupboard that were stuck up on the walls taking up valuable air space, they came off ... so did the mimsy peach-coloured tiles.

All done, the next thing I needed was cake.

I now spend a lot of time looking at the space where the oven was.

PS: I've just reread one of my old posts, clearly home chaos is a recurring theme in my life (and that of my friends)


  1. Maybe you can borrow the white kitchen from the weird woman who had a bleach fetish.

  2. Kitchens are vastly over-rated. Now, a good camp fire, that's something else ...

  3. Is there at least a microwave left or has the kitchen been totally wiped out?

  4. Dig a hole in the garden, half fill it with twigs, set fire to them, and voila, an oven! Wrap your cake tin in foil to keep off the mud, bury it in the burning hole until the cake is baked. Not sure how long, exactly, that will be but Bear Grills (?) probably does.

  5. Perhaps you could do some before and after shots?

  6. Lulu, sometimes there's a relief in chucking everything out and starting afresh... but no cake is a crime! I've got a 70s easy bake oven you could have... it would do in a pinch! Just pay me in cake.

  7. Be the Genghis. *Feel* the Genghis. O merciless Khan!

  8. Be the Genghis. *Feel* the Genghis. O merciless Khan!

  9. ah the thrill of destruction

  10. Scarlet Blue - I have now painted the remains of the kitchen white, maybe I will show it to Crazy Wite House lady - Maybe she'll like it

    Bill - couldn't agree more

    xl - I do have a microwave (or michaelwave as it's known in Bristol) and I have a set of gas burners

    Ellis - You never struck me as a salad boy

  11. dinahmow - I am eating a lot of salads but wait til you see my Brickomatic

    Eryl - 'Dig a hole in the garden' you've not heard about the protected bees that must not be disturbed in our garden

    Synchy - I may well put those up

    Scribe - a 70s easy bake oven sounds pretty good - you'll see that I have contrived a solution

    Red - I AM the merciless Khan!

    Nursey - EXACTLY!


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