Sunday, May 15

Fuzzy Pictures: day 1

My lovely Lumix has broken, just as I've got the urge to photograph things, but I shall not be deterred, my iphone 3 will stand-in and herald the start of a week-long 'Fuzzy Picture of the Day' feature.

Today's image shows you two things of which I am very proud:

Thing Number One = Brick-o-matic Bread, it might look a bit black but it's jolly nice and people have been known to pay a lot of money for this sort of thing in Paris.

I'm much prouder of

Thing number Two = this is yeast that I've kept alive for two whole weeks. Yeast must've inspired someone to make the Tamagotchi; one has to feed it, protect it and keep it happy or it dies.

I've never had a proper pet or looked after a baby (my sister is having one and might need my help), this is a sort of practise run.


  1. Hello:
    Nigella Lawson, the UK's 'Domestic Goddess', eat your heart out or, at the very least, acknowledge you are no longer the supremo! With bread such as yours, [and who cares about a blackened crust?] we shall soon be on the lookout for what must become your next bestseller: 'Lulu's Loaf' or 'Bonne Bread' or 'Lift Off - the rise and rise of yeast'! Such fun.

    Incidentally, people do have dogs and cats as pets, sometimes more of a companion than yeast!

    Thank you for the kind comment which you left on our most recent post and to which we replied but which possibly went down on the Titanic of Blogger last Thursday. We shall hope to welcome you again.

  2. The bread and yeast look yummy!

    I am afraid of the knife though!

  3. I thought it was gruel.

    Oh Hai, XL!

  4. Jane & Lance - nice companions certainly, but can one eat dogs and cats when one gets tired of looking after them?

    xl - My knife is quite scary but I don't keep a photo of it handy to show my work colleagues so I guess I'm safe.

    MJ - it would be cruel to serve gruel

  5. I believe pet rocks were the ultimate in easy-care.Boring, though.
    Just don't let Tamgotchi sit too close to the Brick-o-matic!

  6. i made an irish soda bread this morning, sugar! an ina garten recipe with orange zest and currants! xoxoxo

  7. My boys have been fermenting into little devils all weekend long. I could use the yeast for a bit of moonshine right about now...

  8. Congratulations Auntie Lulu

  9. Yeast or children, children or yeast ...

    Stay with the yeast. Or get a dog.

  10. My eye also flinched at the enormous knife!

    So what is wrong with your Lumix? As my Lumix is also away for repairs. It's a wonderful little camera, but then it looked like some dust had worked its way into the lens. It's been sent away and I may not get it back for four weeks. Most distressing.

  11. Babies do produce an alarming quantity of stuff that looks a lot like item number two in your fuzzy picture tableau.

  12. dinahmow - 'Dull but tasty' yeast is the 'pet' that lives mostly in the fridge

    Sav - that sounds very good - you're guests are sooo lucky xx

    Wow - That is one problem with people - excess fermentation.

    Nursey thank you - nibbling not arrived yet though!

    Bill - I'd love a dog - even just a hot dog!

    Scarlet - My Lumix's lens is stuck out, it's onboard computer tells me there is something wrong with the focus :( xx

    Louciao - and they make a heck of a racket while they're doing it


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