Tuesday, May 17

Fuzzy Pictures: day 3

Trying to round up the animals for treatment - panic ensues!


  1. Hello Lulu:
    Now, Lulu, this picture has us completely intrigued.....not because of Hugh [since we feel we know intimately about him], not because of the Fox [too many moth problems of our own to deal with], not because of the orange wall [since that is a colour we avoid like the plague].......BUT, because of the Hungarian street sign. Do tell, dear Lulu, just where did it come from?!!

  2. J&L - I passed a few months at the Hungarian School of A&D up that road, all of Hungary was busy eschewing the old fashioned 50s style graphic signs (it was 1991), that street sign was lying discarded below it's newer version.

  3. My chandeliers are all made of diamonds hand-cut by crispin elves Scarlet - you would need to take out a second mortgage for just half a one - but if you really want something a bit like it I'll send you the details xx

  4. my antler chandelier would fit perfectly in your house, sugar! xoxoxox

  5. The fox was guarding the gnu-house?

  6. i got dibs on the street sign. That's all sorts of awesomeness! And since I can't afford the diamond chandalier!

  7. Like Jane and Lance, I completely ignored the fox head-banging the partition wall and was intrigued by "Zugligeti út". (Is the fox's head now on the other side of the magic wall, where everything is pre-1989 Hungary?)

  8. Those chandeliers would look good in miniature as earrings.

  9. Sav - send me the rest of the buffaloes!

    xl - fox doesn't seem to have kept out the vermin though!

    Scribe - Yeah - that chandelier is ony for billionnaires, the street sign by comparison is a cinch

    Thank you K xx

    Gadjo - the fox appears wheverever he wishes, it's like trying to keep track of the Cheshire Cat

    Nursey - you come here and help me catch the buggers

    MJ - they are miniature earrings - this is trick photography


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