Wednesday, May 18

Fuzzy Pictures: day 4

Darn fox - still evading capture


  1. Hello Lulu:
    What an exhausting time you are having rounding up all those wayward pets of yours. We think that you should approach Foxy with caution as he has a glint in the eye that suggests he will give you a nasty nip if he were to catch you unawares....and goodness knows where that might lead. In addition, he may well scratch your delightful polished table and that would never do. Rest assured, no amount of 'Scratch tops' would remove a gouge made by a rabid animal!!

    And, thank you for your reply about the Hungarian street sign. An Art student in Budapest....well now, Lulu, this is all becoming very interesting indeed!!

  2. Foxy looks like he's not sure if he's coming or going!

  3. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. And leaves his arse in the parlor with Hugh.

  4. My my... someone's feeling creative this month eh? =)

    How are you LuLu? Did you actually kill and stuff those poor animals????????


  5. I think you're being outfoxed.

  6. Hello Jane and Lance
    thanks for veterinary advice, Hungary is very interesting isn't it? I am indeed a big fan of Budapest

    xl - Fox ghosts don't seem to mind this situation though, more freedom tan being nailed to a plank

    Wow - and you should see the state of his arse, I'm going to have to do a bit of surgery soon.

    Kane - I am very creative this week, the animals are not dead Kane, they are slightly out of sorts

    Louciao - definitely being outfoxed.


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