Saturday, May 21

Fuzzy Pictures: day 6

I needed a photo frame and wandered into what looked like the right sort of shop. I didn't see a photo frame but I did see a clock on a suction pad which I thought might be useful stuck to our fridge (now that I've thrown my cooker out I have no kitchen clock). The suction clock was £4.

On the way to the till I saw some antlers shaped like mirrors which I had no idea I needed, I couldn't see the price on them so I took them to the till. On handing them over I noticed a ticket for £22 stuck on the back of the packet of antlers. At that moment the man at the till said

those antlers are 50p

Gosh, I said that's good do you have any more?

the man checked the computer and said that technically the one I had didn't exist and in fact the till price was not 50p but -50p, he rang my purchases up and I paid £3.50.



  1. If I give you my grocery list...?

  2. Hello Lulu:
    We cannot believe that you do not go shopping for antlers all the time. And, at -50p a throw, we shall go with you next time. No house can have too many antlers in our view!!

  3. I'm looking forward to the next pix featuring the antlers! On Miss Whiplash? A Camera Boy? Foxy? ...

  4. What Dinahmow said.....

  5. i LOVE the antler mirrors!! i need to send you the link to the paper deer heads, sugar! i seem to be the only one here who likes them. xoxoxo

  6. I KNEW i still had the link for the cardboard animal heads! xoxoxo

  7. dinahmow - give me your grocery list and I'll bring you antlers

    Jane & Lance _ I don't shop for antlers all the time because last time I fancied some and asked the price it took several stiff whiskeys to bring me round.

    xl - How did you guess that I have a cunning plan involving the antlers! and Miss Whiplash?

    Nursey - are you also in need of antlers?

    Savannah - the paper deer heads, are GREAT!!! xxxx

  8. That was a charmed transaction... Spill, what bewitchment did you use? ; j

  9. Alesa - I did go into the shop naked - maybe that made the assistant lose concntration

  10. You know all the best tricks. : j


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