Saturday, May 7

Baking A Labonne

When we moved into this house I threw out the mimsy fireplace that was blocking our magnificent chimney hole. Since my recent kitchen destruction I've been experimenting with different configurations for cooking in this space.

Please note the Labonne Patented Brick-o-matic Adjustable Height Grilling System, once I've finished my trials I'll be putting it on the market and hoping that you will all support me and purchase several - the ideal wedding gift!


  1. Had one of these when we were building our previous house. Brilliant little things, aren't they?
    And now? I'm looking at the Dinah-shelf, a modified version to hold my over-size books!

    Hope you get things sorted soon, cookie.

  2. Ooh, rustic and charming and very cool. Go Lulu!

  3. Yet another great Bristol invention in the spirit of Brunel!

  4. You continue to amaze me; I had no idea you were an engineer.

  5. Hello:
    Anyone looking closely at this will instantly recognise that you are on to a certain winner. 'Aga', eat your heart out. 'Rayburn', take a back seat. 'Esse', yesterday's news. 'Nef', move over, darling.

    Do be sure to put us down for at least six - we know the latest technology when we see it. And are you, by any chance, throwing in the rug?!!!

  6. and to think i've been talking to kitchen designers about our place! put me down for a double! xoxoxox

  7. This is just so totally cool. I've taken to cooking foil wrapped yams in the coals of my mimsy fireplace.

  8. They will be available by international mail order I hope. Maybe you should include a Labonne blow-up doll, complete with apron, as a bonus for purchasers of more than one set.

  9. Is that your dinner that's on fire?

  10. dinahmow - and soooo adaptable

    Synchy - rustic is a word that is being used about my bread at the moment - it is also charming and HOT

    xl - Brunel would have had me on his team

    Eryl - me neither - needs must!

    Hello Jane and Lance Hattatt - clearly people of taste - a funky rug will be thrown in with every 6 Brick-o-matics

  11. Sav - you'll be needing the double deluxe with warming drawers - it's in the post xxxx

    Radish King - yams in any fireplace must be delicious, tell me what you serve them with.

    Louciao - a Labonne blow-up doll would not stand the heat - my likeness has been cast in concrete

    Nursey - many of my dinner do catch fire - all part of the drama xxx

  12. I always found that canned sterno did the trick when cooking in odd quarters. Motel bathrooms in particular were ideal, since the threat of fire is minimal.

    I also think home-wrecking can be therapeutic! (the sort done with a hammer) I remember the joy of ripping out the old kitchen while remodeling. With every whack of the hammer, each busted shelf brought a deeper sense of purpose and satisfaction!

    It's all in the joy of transformation I think...


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