Sunday, May 22

Fuzzy Pictures: day 7

Since our 'riots' last month, my neighbourhood has been host to a continuing party, even in the rain people crowd the streets. Yesterday I was struggling home with my shopping and was so overcome by the glorious technicolour everywhere that I decided to photograph my favourites in the last 500 metres before I got to my door.


  1. xl - every day is hippie day in some pars of Bristol

  2. Hello Lulu:
    Have we made a mistake in not choosing Bristol for our base in the UK rather than Brighton?

    If this is all to found within 500m of your door, then Brighton is starting to look very staid indeed. And we are not in Hove!!

  3. That last photo looks like me!

  4. I was deeply impressed by the riots and also considered moving to Bristol.

  5. Suddenly my neighbourhood looks very beige.

  6. Oh to live in a town where I wouldn't have to dress "down" to walk to the post office. Here, the norm is baseball caps and pyjama bottoms with Crocs.

  7. "I missed the bus (yeah I did it again!)
    That's when I first met that Parisian was his idea
    I took my place in Bohemia
    I've got a view nobody's seen
    I read Burrough's, but I keep it clean
    I go places inside my head
    With an eye on tomorrow
    To keep my soul fed
    I came here of my own accord
    Came to witness the unexplored
    Mae Moore..Bohemia

  8. Jane & Lance - Brighton and Bristol have a lot in common, I love both.

    Nursey - are you sure you didn't teleport over on Saturday?

    Scarlet - the riots were hilarious but it can get a bit noisy.

    MJ - we're not beige - neither are we couture footwear territory!

    Louciao - pyjama bottoms with Crocs, seen on a daily basis, you poor woman!

    Mr.S.Capeons - Thank you darlin' - it's not often enought that I get a poetry boost to my day xxx

  9. A lot of people in Bristol seem to be handicapped and rather attractive - at the same time. (Though I feel that wanting to wear a bow tie in public is simply a handicap).

  10. Gadjo - That is very true of Bristolians - we are all brilliant yet flawed. In total agreement about the bow tie business though


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