Monday, May 16

Fuzzy Pictures: day 2

I've just discovered that Hugh has carpet moth.

Treatment starts tomorrow


  1. Poor Hugh! Maybe he could do a comb-over to hide the spots!

  2. Hello Lulu:
    We are sure that our stuffed fox [who shall be nameless] is suffering from a similar affliction. However, we just whack him regularly with a carpet beater!

  3. We have two members of staff with similar afflictions.

  4. Oh no poor Hugh. Maybe he's been using too much Brylcream

  5. Is that Hugh? He's a smashing looking fella isn't he. Can you get him reupholstered?

  6. xl I am arranging for Hugh to have tattoos to decorate the bald patches

    Wow - never gamble with Hugh, he has a terrible reputation in Cape Town

    Jane and Lance - I am currently trying to round up our foxes for treatment

    Kevin - use Jane and Lance's remedy

    Nursey - he does not have the Brylcream Bounce does he?

    Come back to us Gadjo! x


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