Sunday, May 8

Oven Shopping

The Brick-o-matic is all very well but a kitchen needs an oven and I'm keeping an eye out for something suitable. Yesterday I saw this one. I like the towel rail detail and the little warming box at the foot of the burning part (presumably it's for reviving/steaming cold mice). However that oven won't fit anything much bigger than a single cat*, I need at least a double-catter, maybe even a triple so I'll keep looking ...

*I'm not planning to actually cook any cats, but I have noticed that cats are an excellent unit of measurement


  1. Hello:
    Our advice would be to leave well alone and hire a cook. In that way your problem becomes hers [or, indeed, his].

    Failing that, there are restaurants.

  2. An oven? Never used one. They're too slow. My motto ... "If a meal takes longer than 4 minutes to cook, find something else to eat".

  3. I reckon that would scrub up pretty well, though it is a bit small, be great for a starter kitchen. Perhaps you should buy it and sell it on to Barrats (sp?).

  4. Nice one, Lulu. I'm sure we can find you a nice avocado-green version that would have you stylin' and 70's profilin'!

  5. This looks like a cat-astrophe waiting to happen, and that wouldn’t be very mice at all. I think that you’ve successfully made the case for fruitarianism with this post.
    Hope you enjoy some nice buns soon.

    All the best, Boonie

  6. That thing is SO cool! But if you can only cram one cat innit then it's just not very paractical. Still, very cool.

  7. hahaha no speaky in blogese so goods no mores.

  8. I suspect that you could use it as an ironing board too. Awfully handy thing.

  9. Put it by the front door and make it your mailbox.

  10. I suspect you'd be better off using an iron to do the cooking.

  11. The cat is indeed a much better unit of measurement than a dog (a species with a notoriously large size disparity), but....

  12. Jane and Lance - I would love a cook and I love Hungarian food - when can you come?

    xl - no such thing as a too big oven

    Bill - you sound like a man in a hurry

    Eryl - I would love to do a Barrats-eco line, houses made of used tyres instead of tickytacky - that'd confuse people

    Scribe - an avocado-green oven mmm

    Boonie S - have checked the scales today and fruitarianism is making a come-back

  13. Mr.S.Capeons - interwebs tak away the capacity to spell - I have niticed this

    Madame DeFarge - Awfully handy to iron n bake

    Wow - would that be hotmail?

    Kevin - clearly a man who knows his way around a domestic appliance

    KSV - I heart you too darlin'!

    Gadjo - we could talk in terms of dachshunds if you'd rather measure in dogs

  14. Why not just start out with one cat and go from there? It could be like mini-loaf!

  15. Perhaps the original source of the saying "a bun in the oven" as only one bun at a time could be baked. "Oh yes, the missus has a bun in the oven."


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