Sunday, January 4

A Handy Guide To Oyster Measuring

4th January
I went to yesterday's market and bought celebrational food. Later, when we were in the bar, The Director asked me what I'd bought:
Me: Oh loads of things ... oysters...
TD: How many oysters did you buy?
Me: I can't remember
TD: Did it feel as though you were carrying one cat in the bag or two?
Me: Just the one
TD: You've only got a dozen then


  1. The Director is clearly a man who has not only eaten oysters, but also toted them. I can't recall carrying either oysters or cats; I suppose I'd have to use cairn terriers as my chosen units. That probably rules out shellfish on quantitative grounds.

  2. I also get confused sometimes on the imperial-metric conversions.

  3. [I omitted the first sentence to the above]

    The Director has clearly mastered oyster-cat conversion.

  4. This is also a good weigh, ah way, to measure cats. Have know more than a couple of two and even three dozen oyster cats.

  5. BT - When having a dinner party I would order cairn terrier's weight of oysters.

    Xl - My incapacity with figures is astonishing and embarrasses me greatly

    Jacob - see - brilliant system works both weighs

  6. let' cairn terrier would be about 3 dozen oysters, wouldn't you say? maybe 2 and a half?
    let me know when you get a 5-carin-terriers weight of oysters - i prefer mine roasted....

  7. I suggest you get those two feral cats out of your pigeonnerie (did I spell that right), get them into some sacks and test this out. Congratulations on being spared the Lovely House.

  8. Deb - Now you're talking, I've never had roasted oysters but I bet they're good, lets go get a HORSE of oysters

    KSV - my cats in sacks hahaha... I got a little too close to Julie last week and have bloody scars to remind me.

  9. I wonder how many oysters to a Bernese Mountain Dog?

    You'd probably need to invite the entire village.

  10. haha... that's pretty funny


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