Monday, January 12

Back Home

12th January
... On Saturday it was Freddie's turn for cooking, Saturday night is Spaghetti Night.

The Ranch is an extremely organised household - the month’s menu is fixed in advance and they do a monthly shop for everything in one go, this involves 4 shopping trolleys.

I didn’t see much of Nina, she works out a lot in the home gym, she is tiny, twitchy and boyish. Nina also has OCD and there are quite a lot of rules - I think my visit was quite taxing for her.

I got back to the Lovely House yesterday morning, the water fell from the attic which runs along the back of the house into a downstairs room which isn't used during the winter. The water did wash through into the main front room where the fireplace is, the unglazed terracotta tiles are placed straight on the raw clay which was scraped flat to build the house on (no foundations) so the floor is still damp but the fire is going and the weather has really warmed up now - it’s great to be home.


  1. The ants? How are the ants? I am going OCD over the ants.

  2. The ants are like dozens of sleeping beauties - safe in the fridge hydrated and unwrinkled until I wake them up in a month or so.

  3. The ants can eat cake. How are your toes? Are they nice and warm next to the fire? I want you to have warm toes.

  4. Your blog is unique and so...what's the word? dream-like. Forgot the bug documentary, make a film about the making of the bug documentary.

  5. Mr Bananas - I do have warm toes, they are propped up in front of the fire, I'd rather have a lovely hairy rug to wriggle them in but one makes do.

    Actually ants love cake.

    bb - d'you think I don't need to write about my dreams then?

    The boys are in charge of the cameras - and they've got money to make a bug film.

  6. Visiting is always fun but there's no place like home. That's what I tell myself every time I tap my ruby slippers together.

  7. I am glad that you have returned safely to your somewhat damp home. And that the ants are unwrinkled. I just hope that the Director appreciates your fortitude in these matters.

  8. Welcome to the wonderful world of European health and safety. I hope your landlord is going to pay for the repairs. If he won't, send the ants round to his place.

  9. Prunella - ruby slippers wouldn't cut much ice here I'm afraid

    Madame Defarge - the Director is tucked up cosily in a faraway place - he has no idea of my travails

    Daphne - This is the Landlord who does his own wiring and has never has his drains cleared in two generations.
    He doesn't deserve ants he deserves crabs.

  10. i hate grocery shopping!
    that once-a-month rule sounds good, but i bet it's difficult to maintain. strawberries don't tend to last for a month round here.

    if it were me, i'd be constantly running up to the local service station, buying 'essentials' (like $100 per litre milk and $150 worth of maltesers) which i had forgotten in my original shop.

  11. OCD is a harsh taskmaster and re-organising everything can be time consuming but in the end everything is neatly tucked into it's place...until the next urge comes along.

    I've rearranged my music Library about 6 times a year! BUT I pretend that I'm doing it to exercise my memory because I am 51 and have exhibited severe symptoms of CRAFT Disease..Can't Remember A F*cking Thing

    Okay now this band did this song and it should be under awesome LSD anthems or wait, no, maybe 70s prog..oh curse you Brian Eno and your eclectic whatchamacallit stylings.

    How can you not have a real foundation? Raw clay? Seriously?
    Here in Whateverpeg the frost penetrates deep into the ground, to a level of 5 - 6 feet, usually from late January until early April so there you have it.

  12. TP - I couldn't plan what I'd want to eat tomorrow let along next mnth. And I'm terribly faddy - one day all I want is cake, the next it's pig's trotters and mushy peas.

    Don - do you focus your OCD on the records or is it about germs and stuff too?

    I guess the clay is really sticky - no houses round here fall over, although they do tend to catch fire due to dodgy electrics

  13. I would hate the thought of knowing what I was going to prepare, cook and eat a whole month in advance. Four shopping trolleys - it's just Not Right.

    Glad you are back home and the weather is somewhat warmer. When will the Director be with you again?

  14. Just catching up on your life as a briefly displaced person. I admire your fortitude and your neighbors' good manners and kindness. It's too bad you don't live nearer by or I would happily have housed you. No home gym here, and meals are planned even as I we are eating them sometimes. I am also impressed that you have not renamed The Lovely House.

  15. FF- they are people who don't like markets!!!
    Director will be here again next month.

    KSV - Lovely House become Extremely Horrid House for a few days there


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