Friday, January 2

New Year - French style

2nd January
We were at the Village Hall for New Year’s Eve. My chum Mme B organised the bash and as she has fallen out with half the French people in the village and, as I'm a bit scared of her, I was press-ganged in to make up numbers. The Director isn’t naturally sociable and he doesn’t speak much French - he doesn’t like staying out late either so I realised that I wasn’t giving him much of a treat when I bought the tickets.

Mme B called me to make sure that we’d be there prompt at 8, this was so we could stand around drinking warm whisky and cheap port for two hours. At ten we noticed that the old people had sat down and were clenching cutlery in their hands, we followed suit and soon the the giblet salads appeared. We were just beginning to think that it might all be ok when the disco started - an elderly swinger in tight white pants and toupee put Agadoo on his decks and everybody got up to dance.

There was at least an hour of dancing between each course. The French people round here really like interactive dancing, Discoman played lots of brass oompah tunes and everyone knew what to do, all the arms in the air at the same time, kicking in unison, I suppose it’s a version of line dancing but I don’t know how to do that either. The funny thing was, how nobody noticed when midnight came, The Director looked at his watch and said it’s 12.30 in an incredulous tone that meant and we’ve only just had soup.

The main course (duck breast) arrived at 2am and still there was cheese, salad and dessert to come, then there would be bubbly and as there weren't many of us in the first place, there was no going home before the frizzante.

I had to sling The Director over my shoulder and give him a Fireman's Lift home. After I put him to bed I went down for breakfast and noticed that the dartboard I gave him two weeks ago is still on the floor behind the chair.


  1. So the French were too busy eating to notice the New Year. Quelle surprise.

  2. Ouch ... I clicked over to Agadoo. Yikes!

    I would be pleading for someone to shoot me if I attended such a party. Oh, the horror!

  3. I applaud The Director for making the most of the evening. He is, however, on his own with the dartboard situation.

  4. Mr Bananas - Too busy eating and slapping each other's knees

    Bill - Sorry about that, I did take a stun gun to help The Director out when it got too painful

    xl - I can't understand it, I'd have loved to get a dartboard as a present

  5. I'd like a dartboard with Dick Cheney's face on it.

    So the French eat the main course, then cheese, then salad? I always eat the salad first, is that gauche?

  6. I went to a wedding in France like that once, by the time the dessert arrived - around 2 a.m. - I was head down on the table asleep.

    Bonne année Lulu and Monsieur le Directeur!

  7. Prunella - either way is fine and they often do both together - so your etiquette is fine my dear.

    Daphne - and a very happy new year to you too.


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