Saturday, January 3


3rd January
I was woken with a phone call from the landlord, he tells that he won’t be putting the Lovely House on the market until we choose to leave, and we can stay as long as we want, and yes he’ll put that in writing.

How did that come about you may ask?
After the landlord's call before Christmas to say that the house would be on the market and after I’d got the flames coming out of my nose under control, I deduced that he was hoping that we'd buy the house, and anyway it would be easier to sell while inhabited – and he’d still be getting our rent.

Clearly the man is a No Good Duplicitous Rotter. I asked Mme B. to help me write a letter explaining that due to the security risks of unknown visitors and the disruption ensuing we would have to find other premises forthwith – I now feel so euphoric, triumphant and smug I've just had to hang that dartboard and fling a few darts at this image, which is as close as I can get to a likeness of the landlord.


  1. oh i love it when good triumphs over sneakybastard Evil!

  2. Why would he think you might buy the place? Doesn't he know you're only using it to make a film? The bug action better be good to justify all the rent you're paying. Is Davy Attenborough doing the narration?

  3. TP - I've been doing my triumph dance all morning.

    GB - The French have been watching the British slack-jawed as we pour in and throw endless money at derelict property. The French would not consider using money like this ergo the British are all idiots but we are all rich idiots. We score a double whammy as everybody thinks that people who work in TV are rich idiots too.

  4. I do like French saucisson sandwiches. A lot. However, the hari kari piggy gives me pause.

  5. What a well-called bluff! You should arrange to play him at poker.

  6. xl- a grown pig would rather commit hari kiri than mess with Lulu

    BT - I'd rather arrange to knock some sense into him with a poker

  7. Jesus wept. Have to agree with XL. I mean, how much in the way of meat products could that poster ever sell? Other than to paid up psychopaths?

  8. That ad with the pig is probably on my top 10 list.


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