Wednesday, January 14

January Review

14th January
The Bar and La Salle des Fetes:
The rift widened over new year. The Salle des Fetes advertised a St Silvestre Dinner Disco. Kurt 'n' Courtney hosted an evening of New Year jollity with beer and pies at the bar, the bar posters were in English so it was interpreted by the villagers as being an exclusively British event – which it was.

The Pétanque Club:
still meets up at the bar for a weekly game – the club has now become registered and official, the first inter-club tournament will be played next month, we are summoned to start training in earnest this weekend.

The Cats:
hang out on top of a tall basket full of knobbly ropes in the back kitchen, if I walk in there, they shoot out through the cat hole to the wood shed but Kevin will immediately poke his head back through the hole to see if I’ve got food - he is excessively greedy.

my friend is roundly and hugely pregnant. Yesterday we visited some thermal baths and wallowed around like a pair of whales then loafed in the Jacuzzi on the roof where it snowed on us. The big hole in the wall of her house has now got a window in it.

Dormant Creatures:
are now sleeping in a second fridge plugged in just for their use, currently only ants and butterfly cocoons in residence.

The Director:
is still editing last year's material in the UK he is expecting a visit from me next week.


  1. A jacuzzi on the roof in the snow. Sounds fabulous. I love hot tubs.

  2. That second fridge could be a surprise for house guests looking for a late night snack.

  3. A pair of whales? Are you pregnant too?

  4. Pétanque, huh?
    is there a uniform?
    maybe matching jackets, little polka dot scarves. nice.

  5. Hi FF - It was lovely

    xl - mmm, that and the mousetraps might be off putting

    GB - No I'm not pregnant but it seemed ungallant to say 'a whale and a sprat'

    tp - you're thinking of airline staff. Serious pétanqueurs stretch a sweat shirt over their pot bellies and team it with a rugby scarf

  6. If I were a refridgerated ant, I'd eat butterfly pupae to keep my strength up. (Unless they were Lycaenids, in which case I'd apparently have to look after them in return for favours).

  7. I now feel relieved to know about both your safety and that of the dormant creatures. My mind can rest easy, but who will care for them on your sojourn to the UK?

  8. Review: This Post

    It was both interesting and informative. I give it two thumbs up.

  9. Brother T - My ants are not only asleep but stoppered in test tubes - in a box with packing so they are going nowhere near my butterfies

    Mme Defarge - the dormant ones will stay asleep and I'm trying to be nice to Mrs Druid so she'll do the cats

    Pru - Two thumbs so much nicer than a finger - thank you


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