Friday, November 14

Choosing Colours

14th November
The Director has gone back to the UK where our house has become a production office. Over there the bedrooms are now editing suites and the living room is full of people writing scripts and arguing about contracts. I am going to (hide in France) stay here and prepare for next year’s filming. We need a studio to film things that have to be contained (like cockroaches) and slow things like butterflies emerging from cocoons. I’m currently trying to persuade builders to give me a quote to lay a concrete floor for the studio. The outside project is the 'film set garden’, I’ve started clearing a large overgrown piece of land where we will put a shed, fencing, plant flowers and make a vegetable patch. I’m a bit hampered by the all the rubbish the Landlord has dumped here, hacking back brambles I keep dinging into bedsprings and bits of rotten furniture.

For light relief I go and visit my new friend Florence. On Tuesday I took the fabulous chicory tart over to her place. Florence is expecting her second child in the spring. She has recently moved into a small village house that needs some work. We picnicked amid the rubble from a big hole that has just been knocked through the end wall. Turning our backs on the view of a suppurating septic tank in the middle of her garden we perused paint colour charts for the baby’s bedroom.


  1. Ah yes, the supturating septic tank that many a garden would look naked without.

    Ref your previous post, I must tell you Lulu that I have fallen under the spell of those oh so appropriately named devil slippers. To the extent that I now have two pairs. One for posh, the other for buidling work, wading through mud, that sort of thing.

    Give in, you know you want to.

  2. BTW, though you may know this, they are charentaise, or perhaps that should be charentaises. I find written French rather challenging, and writing it more so.

  3. Ernest - I didn't know the name of this bewitching footwear, before you know it I'll have tossed my flowery cowboy wellies aside. 'A pair for posh'!!!? - do you go to dinner dances in your Charentaises.


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