Sunday, November 9

Kurt's First Supper

9th November
I went down to the bar for a game of pétanque yesterday. My fellow pétanquers are stunned by the sudden, unannounced disappearance of the senior Stranges. Their replacement by Goth Rockers feels like we’re suddenly extras in a remake of Village of the Damned as directed by John Waters .

Courtney opens up the bar at some point in the afternoon. Wearing a black satin mini-kimono (= instant forgiveness by lingering male population for missing lunchtime) she clears up the remains of the previous night’s party looking a little hungover.

Kurt gets up a bit later, he has announced himself as the new chef and we’re all curious to see what his food’s like. The Director put down his computer to join us for the after-pétanque supper at the bar. The man had made a big effort and it really wasn’t bad at all. After supper we all said it was great, he unscowled and became really rather friendly.


  1. I suspect it will take some time for me to comprehend what you are writing about - as with a shiny fishing lure, you've set the hook and I'm curious enough to fishy flop for awhile.

    And we must define "my world" that you mentioned on my blog ... do you mean the USA, Washington State or my tiny spot on this earth?

    Happy to oblige.

  2. Hi Bill - I guess I was thinking of Puget Sound, but your tiny spot sounds like it could be fascinating.

    And here - I'm just going on about a strange new world that I have temporarily landed in

  3. Bill,

    Go back and read from the's a story in the making and worth the time.

    I will sorely miss this blog when Ms Lulu goes on her Next Thing.

  4. Hi Jacob - I might write about the Next Thing too if you want.


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