Tuesday, October 14

Too Much Information

14th October
The boys have gone back to the UK to prepare studios for the pre-edits which start later in the month (editors will make rough cuts of the footage, The Director and the writers will start writing scripts). There is also a film festival going on next week - The Director will be showing our work there.

We have decided that in November we’ll put on a film show for the villagers to show what we’ve been doing here. I wanted to use the local bar and their big screen telly, I fixed a date with with Mr Strange at the bar and have started telling people about it - before Mrs Strange told me about their secret plan to disappear. Mr Strange does not know I know, nor must he.
I wish I did not know.


  1. well lulu, you and I are still reading your blog and loving it.

  2. Hi Ernest - always great to see you.

  3. OMG that's a photo of my ex and his family! Debs x

  4. So was he the one with the Kitchen?


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