Sunday, October 5

I Get a Proper Job at Last

5th October
I went along to the bar to join the Saturday afternoon boule game which was unusually busy and found Mrs Strange in a flap about supper, she was booked out and shorthanded, I said I’d waitress that evening if she wanted.

The pétanque players are mainly retired people, the expats come with their spouses and the elderly Frenchmen come in their slippers and bring family members who are visiting for the weekend. There are a few single people; local men whose dental state and dress sense are possibly factors in perpetuating their single status. And there is Vera, a bubbly, flirty Dutch woman who likes to be the centre of attention, she has not spoken to me before, but today she fizzed up to me and demanded.
Who are you, do you have a husband – where is he???
I pointed out that it would be foolish to bring a husband along, given the man-hunting opportunities for me here.
Well don’t you hunt my man she warned me, turning on her heel.
I am intrigued – which one?

There were no clues that evening either as Vera sat with a group of women, the 'eligible’ men were all getting red and sweaty on their own table which I supplied with large of amounts of Ricard then large amounts of red wine then large amounts of beer containing shots of peach- or mint-flavoured syrup.

Have got Wednesdays hairdresser glue out of my hair which is now in plaits, I'm totally channelling those stein-carrying maidens you see at German beer fests


  1. Lovely post - I am glad to get first comment. I must admit I am not sure of the difference bewteen boule and petanque. Is one like bowling (trying knock over pins) and one like throwing little pebbles or something into a ring? We don't have these in North America, at least I don't think we do. Yet another reason to someday visit France.

  2. good stuff lulu. Plaits are unusual in this part of the world. If I spot any, I'll wander over and introduce myself.

  3. Hi ksv - Boules is a generic term for a family of games using metal balls the size of cricket balls. The French word for these metal balls is 'boules'. Pétanque is a specific game; two teams of 2 or 3 people try and get their boule closest to a small wooden ball. I don't find it much of a spectator sport but it's surprisingly fun to play.

    Hi Ernest, that'd be lovely, and you might meet all sorts of people on the way - there's a guy works at the local radio station with a body length plait.


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